Uh oh, people are now using AI to cheat in Rocket League

From PCGamer: "I was skeptical when I came across a Reddit poster claiming they "for sure" encountered a cheater in ranked Rocket League. Uh huh, just like how everyone who kills me in Rainbow Six Siege is "for sure" aimbotting, right? Then I watched the video. Well friends, I regret to inform you that people are cheating in Rocket League.

The alleged cheater was actually on the same team as ghost_snyped, the Reddit user who posted the clip(opens in new tab) embedded above, which shows the cheater's perspective for part of a doubles match. I've been playing Rocket League for seven years and I have never seen a human being play like that at any rank. There are masterful Rocket League dribblers out there, but it'd be unusual for a skilled player to stay so rooted to the field—most throw in some aerial maneuvers here and there—and to carry and flick the ball that flawlessly. "

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72d ago
Number1TailzFan72d ago

Where's the self learning AI that should've been in some games years ago? Games like Killing Floor and L4D would benefit a lot from it.

XiNatsuDragnel72d ago

Self learning Ai cheating Is interesting

artgamer72d ago

So? Now everyone can be a pro at Rocket League, instead of it being gatekept by a few elite.

At least that's what I'm told when it comes to AI generated art.

Oh what, it's different now?

abstractel71d ago

Ask any matte painter who did work for movies in the 70s and, assuming you are a concept artist, you are a cheater too.

I do sympathize, and I've spent my life working as an artist in film/tv/games, but it's wasted energy to get angry at progress.

artgamer70d ago

Well then this Rocket League AI is progress too. AI should take over all competitive gaming so that everyone can be good at it.

jambola72d ago

Ah well
They don't care about fixing problems so might as well do everything to tank it

Zombieburger63871d ago

The devs do the absolute bare minimum and then ask you to spend money in their overpriced store. No new game modes or anything to keep people coming back.

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The story is too old to be commented.