Exclusive Sony announcements primed for GDC.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison has confirmed that Sony will be making "exclusive announcements" and next month's Games Developers Conference.

Speaking to 1UP, Harrison refused to elaborate on Sony's plans for the event, only adding that Sony "have some interesting announcements to make".

"I think it's no secret that we're going to make a couple of exclusive announcements there," he said.

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LSDARBY5704d ago

Great, cant wait to hear what they are. Hopefully A major firmware update.

CAPS LOCK5704d ago

they will have exclusive right to a game that was originally for all consoles, or maybe a great new game...hopefully a sequel to erm...something good lol

super bill5704d ago

whats the big announcement sony.are you going to say the ps3 price is going up.that the games are crap and not worth the money.

kingboy5704d ago

so what?spend all your life browsing ps3 news lol

bigmack5704d ago

all he's saying is new update news.. why do you xbox guys care? You dont have a PS3. That just prove you guys have nothing eles better to do....very sad.

SEAN16175703d ago

RE5 lol no that will be killer, i think there new PS network stuff and maybe killzone.

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The story is too old to be commented.