Activision Blizzard refuses to acknowledge Proletariat union

Activision Blizzard is refusing to voluntarily acknowledge an employee union at its Proletariat Games studio.

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Orchard73d ago

Seems like it’ll be a good thing for employees of Activision when they become part of MS. They recognize unions.

lodossrage73d ago

They do that for now

they only recognize the union with those Zenimax workers to get them to stop opposing the activision-microsoft union. If that buyout happens, we'll see how open they are to unions.

crazyCoconuts73d ago

Yes, in addition to potential MS mismanagement now Activision's productivity will be sapped by unions. Couldn't happen to a nicer company 😉

CosmicTurtle73d ago

I am sure Orchard is a parody account

Spenok72d ago

He's just a... you know what? It isn't worth it. Just ignore him. He only comments for the attention.

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sadraiden73d ago

The irony is palpable. What did they think was going on over at Proletariat Games? A TPUSA convention?

TheCaptainKuchiki73d ago

I'll never understand why unions aren't more protected in the US.
In most european countries, it would be unthinkable for a company to prevent its employees from unionizing.

iEatNapkinz73d ago

I'm assuming because it hinders the capitalistic ideals of the US. I've only had negative experiences with unions I've been in/could have been.

hotnickles73d ago

The workforce is different here. Americans simply don’t care. The communist SharePay is a European culture thing. The US prioritizes innovation and products over workers. There is a reason innovation across the board in all fields is substantially higher in the US. It’s not even close. Not saying it’s better or worse, it’s just different.

SenorFartCushion73d ago

Except they don’t offer much to the world. Bombs and things, maybe.

hotnickles73d ago

Warfare is a big one but you are lying to yourself if you don’t think American innovations in all fields have touched the world and grown life expectancy to significant margins. Especially medicine. Just look up patents by country in any field, it’s not even close. Even if you use some knockoff version of a product the innovation likely came from america.

Zombieburger63873d ago

At the expense of workers who are generally treated like crap by employers. Unions built this country and now big corps want them dead to exploit workers as much as possible.

hotnickles73d ago (Edited 73d ago )


I get the argument. It’s just different here, it’s not a lifestyle. We’re not activists. If we wanted to be unionized we would be. It just came out today or yesterday that only 3% of Starbucks employees wanted to unionize.

Americans are basically “I just work here bro” if they screw us we go work somewhere else. It’s not a fight it’s just a living to afford luxury. It’s a different culture built on innovation and chance.

Americans generally don’t use unions to gain leverage. State laws cover the basics and they pay out settlements weekly. Will it hurt them if you leave your job as an individual? That’s American leverage. America is basically a state of the art casino. Big winners and big losers. I’m not against unions or safety nets for people who are unable to gain their own leverage but parading it around like an authority is unamerican.

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lodossrage73d ago


It's because there has been a campaign to actively make unions looks bad in the U.S. for over 40 years. They've duped enough people to consistently fight against their own self interest.

Just look at how you have people saying "medicare for all" is a bad thing. Those same people are perfectly ok with insurance agencies and pharma companies overcharging them.

hotnickles73d ago

Medicare is awful. Do you know anyone on Medicare? My parents went from having amazing insurance to being forced into a worse Medicare program that I am forced to pay for. It’s a pathetic joke and deserves the scrutiny.

lodossrage73d ago

Medicare is only the way it is now because lobbyist and lawmakers keep attacking it and gutting the benefits and protections of it.

The medicare for all plan was almost a carbon copy of what Denmark has. So please tell me how it's bad that they only pay for example $10 for insulin where the U.S. customer pays thousands for the same medicine. Tell me how it's bad that they can simply go to a doctor without having to worry about a giant life-altering bill to go along with it.

But go ahead, tell me how it's great when Americans are paying THOUSANDS more for a medicine that most other countries get for $10 or less because pharma and insurance companies price gouge.

hotnickles73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Medicare doesn’t pay for anything at all lol. Some doctors won’t even see you if you are on Medicare. Comparing the US to denmark is dumb it doesn’t scale at all.

You misunderstand. I’m not saying we have a great system. My health insurance is outrageous. I work overtime to pay for mine only to get it taxed to hell to give free Medicaid to people who don’t work at all (another failed socialized medicine in the US).

I’m not against some new form of universal healthcare that works. Forcing everyone into something as dumb and incompetent as Medicare is ignorant stuff. Our attempts at socialized medicine are nothing to be praised, touted or bragged about.

anubusgold73d ago

@hotnickles More republican lies when my grandad got cancer Medicare paid for most of it we never even saw a bill. I dont trust any private insurance company will do that they will cut you off and let you die after a point.

lodossrage73d ago

"Our attempts at socialized medicine are nothing to be praised, touted or bragged about. "

And yet any country with "socialized" medicine has no issue with prescription drugs or medical visits and/or procedures.

And no, you get "taxed to hell" because politicians like to give your money to the rich (even before Trump that was happening). Also, for the record, the majority of the people on Medicare and Medicaid DO work.

But as usual, you people like to throw around "socialism" without knowing what it actually means. But please tell me about how well capitalism is working for you. You know, with 95% of the country's wealth given to the top 1%. With union busting at an all-time high while employers do everything they can to use people like expendable batteries.

hotnickles73d ago

We are not “any country”. Just because it works in Denmark doesn’t mean it will work here. It clearly doesn’t lol. Medicare and Medicaid are trash. Not to mention the VA which is also trash.

You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Yes I am taxed to hell. Medicare is its own tax, it’s not even a part of the income tax lol. Social security which pays for Medicaid is its own tax, it’s not even included in the income tax. Anything over 8 hours overtime is taken by the social security tax to pay for “free healthcare” by people who don’t work.

“Also, for the record, the majority of the people on Medicare and Medicaid DO work.”

You are full of it. You automatically get put on Medicare when you hit 66 or 65 I can’t remember. The majority are retired. The majority had insurance they liked and were forced into this failure of a government program. If you make over 15k a year (which is basically anyone) you make too much to get on Medicaid. People who are on Medicare don’t work. People who are in Medicaid don’t work.

Ok. You throw around phrases like “Medicare for all” without knowing how much of a travesty it is before forcing it into everyone so it’s clear you don’t know what socialism is either.

anubusgold72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

@hotnickles I'm old enough to remember when unions were still around workers were treated better and paid more and wasnt treated like trash like they are today. You got paid weekly you got a hour lunch break for 8 hours work and you had decent amount of vacation time to spend time with your family and your insurance was better as well we rarely got a large bill when going to the doctor. The US workers life has gone to hell in the last 40 years and its because we was dumb enough to believe these lies to get rid of unions. The republicans are crap they even had a plan to try to cut social security to give the rich another tax cut they dont need.

lodossrage72d ago


Don't even waste your time. Let him think whatever he wants. Facts and reality be damned for some people. It's why I stopped responding to him

hotnickles72d ago

You’re old enough to remember a loyal workforce who put in a honest days work. They put in their time and got a pension. The generation that is retired now is living on that pension and social security that comes out of everyone’s check not just rich people taxes. Social security was supposed to be a lockbox for that generation but it’s been wasted for years by the dumbest people on the planet on the dumbest things possible. It’s just another income tax to print fake money and add to debt. Pillaged raw by the elitists in government and industry.

Pensions are rare now in the private sector. They switched to 401ks and such. Profit sharing. Not because “republicans” but because the workforce is different. If someone stays at a job for 7 years they are a veteran at this point. 2020 hit industries hard with people willing to work. The quality of our services dropped immensely. It was hard to find any workers at all so they paid good money to trash workers. That’s what you get. The broken systems we have now. Cultural rot.

Yeah that’s why you stopped responding… I couldn’t handle all your facts lol. I already said I’m not against a new universal healthcare. Just not “Medicare for all”. That not a fact it’s pure garbage. Money comes out of every check or every worker in the US and they still can’t afford to pay elderly medical bills. They need meidcare AND a supplement to cover costs.

The fact is the US is built on innovation. When we try to copy people we are terrible. Trying to copy Denmark or “any country” will always end in failure. We need to innovate. We need a new system. We need to get rid of this communist thinking that government is the answer. If corporations didn’t have government backing they wouldn’t be so powerful.

anubusgold67d ago

@hotnickles The US are the most overworked people on the planet with very little free time and the worst and most expensive health care benefits . No sick time, no protection of your job if you get sick and our vacation time sucks at least china and the EU you get a better guarantee if you get sick or if you need time off without going bankrupt.I been on this world almost 50 years and i watched our jobs go to hell during my lifetime. We get short ass breaks, they time your bathroom breaks, you cant get time off even if you try to approve it a month in advance and they can fire you for no reason and get away with it because the courts are in corporations pockets. And when your job hurts you they dont have to pay anymore and they are allowed not to hire people who have been hurt in a similar way by some other corporate ahole.

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SenorFartCushion73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Greed is the cancer humans fight for.

anubusgold67d ago

@hotnickles The republicans are just evil and greedy thats why they stole 20 billion dollars out of the post office retirement fund then went on tv and made fun of them for being broke.

HyperMoused73d ago

Money and Capitalism from an outside perspective America is the most greedy country going, the poster child for capitalism gone too far, looking at that, fair workers rights and pay rises etc..haha not on big manager watch, he needs his own pay rise and the house in malibu isnt going to pay for itself, work like dogs for managers wealth...and thats why we need unions.

lodossrage73d ago



But good luck making people on this site realize that.

MadLad73d ago

As a 3rd generation union member. Now a union rep; thank you.
We're the only true "middle-class" left.

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