Wet - Screenshots released on illuminate labs lighting tech website

Courtesy of A2M. "A2M has used Turtle in the past, and we were consistently impressed with the speed as well as the results. When we needed a solution to generate lightmaps in our proprietary level editor, we turned to Beast and haven't looked back. Beast allows us to produce high quality lighting at an incredible rate, which is instrumental in creating the unique visual style that sets WET apart from any other product on the market." David Lightbown, Senior Artistic Technical Director at A2M Montreal

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Bnet3434208d ago

The lighting for this game is amazing! WET and Bayonetta remind me of each other.

Graphics Whore4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

I just eye puked from the over whelming HDR and bloom, it's meant to be eye catching for the stupid consumer and well, you figure the rest out.

pwnsause4208d ago

seems like alot of Sony 1st party games use their products alot all by looking at that site, primarly Killzone 2. And yea, WET looks good so far.

LinuxGuru4208d ago

Good lighting?

This looks like crap Unreal Engine post-processed FUZZY lighting.

Nothing looks special about this engine at all. I hate fuzzy lighting. It's not amazing, it's annoying and way over the top.

Hey look at me everyone! I can add lots and lots of bloom to every single object on screen and say I have an awesome lighting engine!

Killzone 2's lighting engine, as well S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (with global illumination turned ON!), are unsurpassed by anything in existence currently or in the near future.

Graphics Whore4208d ago

Do you remember when Doom 3 came on the scene? Wow, that was truly a giant leap in lighting and shadow effects, I hope to see another leap like that soon.

LinuxGuru4208d ago

Yes, I do. Doom 3 was an amazing sight to behold, and it still is to some extent.

I believe Killzone 2's incredible lighting system is a leap into true, completely dynamic lighting from all sources. Muzzle flashes, light bulbs, lights on armor suits, explosions....everything casts rays of light, and in turn....shadows. Glorious, wonderful shadowing.

Although I think the next true leap in lighting will be consistent use of real-time global illumination like you have the option to turn on in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (it'll make pretty much any GPU cry for its mommy).