A year after Elden Ring changed everything, there’s never been a better time to return to Dark Souls

If you’re considering a replay of Dark Souls, there’s no better time to praise the sun than right now – in a cold, forgettable week in January

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HeliosHex75d ago

I tried. Couldn't do it. Not even with bloodborne. Games just didn't age well.

jznrpg75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I disagree 1000% . All of the games are better than Elden Ring except maybe Dark Souls 2 but it’s not a bad game. I liked Elden Ring but the balance was poor and too much filler . Exploring was fun and all but combat was the worst balance wise of all of them imo.

HeliosHex75d ago

@jz I think dark souls 3 can hold its own against elden ring.

CrimsonWing6975d ago

Oh cmon man, Bloodborne is still amazing. I get that maybe Dark Souls 1 looks a bit rough around the edges, but the core game is absolutely phenomenal.

HeliosHex75d ago

@crimson. Sorry bloodborne needs a remaster. It's pretty ugly to look at. And controls are typical dark souls sluggish.

GoodGuy0975d ago

Nah. You just need to "git gud" lol. All of the older games still are amazing. I went back and finished all of them for the hype of elden ring and loved it all the way through. But yea, if elden ring was the only game you've really liked and played, it will definitely feel that way.

The older games are a lot more punishing and heavily gate you forcing you to learn how to properly get passed the boss or next dungeon without being able to go off and do other things and get stronger

Really though, once you get the hang of the games and learn, and I mean really learn...through tons of deaths and rage, the games can be smooth sailing. I recommend looking up guides.

HeliosHex75d ago

@goodguy. Not about git gud. I did finish bloodborne and demon souls and dark souls 3. Only dark souls 3 holds up well graphically and control wise. The others are ugly to look at and controls are ass.

Duke1975d ago

Pff, like there is ever a bad time to replay them

GamesAsAService75d ago

Give me Sekiro 2 please. The speed, and the combat is unmatched. Im not interested in slow souls games anymore.