Pinpoint CE Launches NYKO Xbox 360 Accesories in the UK

UK peripherals specialist Pinpoint Consumer Electronics has launched a number of innovative new XBox 360 accessories from leading brand Nyko.

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itsbill6476d ago

the itercooler looks like a good peice of kit looks like a verry good fit on the back of the 360.
Seems to be a lot better than all the other coolers b/cause you dont have to drill,cut or open the 360 plug and play thats how it shouled be

shotty6476d ago

The usb hub will be useful but if you are planning on buying the HD-DVD drive then you don't need it because it's a HUB

ssj046476d ago

Wow i didnt think M$ was paying that much of an attention to heating issue... lol ........ MUST i say more? lol

speed6476d ago

I had three Oblivion disks turn into coasters unfortunately, Best Buy has been cool excahgning these BTW. I even tried exchanging my console once but that didn't resolve my issues. I never moved my console, and it was in a ventilated area but still, the disk drive would quiet down and then I would here a grinding noise and sure enough the disk was getting scratched to hell. On my 4th disk, I decided to try using the Nyko Intercooler to see if the issue was somehow related to heat. I've been playing now for 30+ hrs and have had no disk scratching or game freezing, and I swear it seems that load times have slighlty improved! So, either my first 3 disks had an engineering flaw or the intercooler resolved my issues. No other factors have changed. One theory is that Oblivion is so demanding of the disk drive that it causes massive heat in the console and may slightly warp the disk, just enough to throw it off balance which leads to scratching.

FamoAmo6476d ago

SSJ is posting crap trying to start flame wars can the MOD kick him out?

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zacly1h ago

I thought I was the only one


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rpad20h ago

wish it had a cameo by The Shocker from the Spider-Man comics

beerhound20h ago

Or had used that song "State Of Shock" by The Jacksons and Mick Jagger.