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Jason says, "Did I miss an integral part of the poster child FFVII story? Yes, yes I did, and I’m absolutely glad they remastered this game. Not only did I also get to play it on a handheld to indirectly relive its own glory days, but I did it in remade graphics and modernized combat changes. You could call this a borderline hybrid between a remaster and a remake, but therein lies its rough flaw: there are many remnants at its core that do not stand the test of time and firmly remind you this game is 15 years old. Have I said 15 years old enough times? If not, then that’s the rundown: this is a good game that should NOT be missed by anyone who likes action RPGs AND the FFVII world because it fills in important gaps in character arcs. But its age reminds you that we’ve come really far in how we build our worlds and animate in real time."

NOTE: Reviewed and captured on Steam Deck.

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H974d ago

This title will get you infinite attention on Twitter, I am not so sure about here tho

sadraiden73d ago

As an adult, and like most adults on this site (I hope), I don't "ship" make believe characters.

goldwyncq73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

An adult wouldn't care at all about harmless things like these. In fact, if you're truly an adult like you say, you wouldn't start your comments with "as an adult".

MadLad73d ago

It's literally someone saying "look how mature I am by getting really engaged in something that I'm acting like I'm not taking really seriously".

"Shipping" is such a nothing. Everybody has consumed media where they see certain characters and think "hell; they'd probably be good together/should be together". It's a nothing thing.
When you're the person getting angry over stuff like that, you're taking it far more seriously than the people you're aggravated with.

Snookies1273d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Um, what? There is nothing wrong with wanting characters to get together in a show, movie or game... Might as well just say the storyline doesn't matter either, right? I mean, they're "make believe characters" after all. And yes, I am an "adult" in my thirties.

isarai73d ago

Doesnt matter, We're gonna be dirt in the end, do whatever harmless stuff makes you happy. Why do you "hope" people are as boring as you?

Lightning Mr Bubbles73d ago

lol, I've been saying the same thing forever, even before I played Crisis Core. Mainly because it's all about Cloud and Tifa,

But what I find ironic is how so many of the Cloud and Aerith shippers are the same ones who are apparently super moved by the Aerith and Zack relationship. It's like they're double dipping. Pretty spineless if you ask me, it's no surprise those are the people who don't understand the Cloud and Tifa relationship.

dumahim73d ago

"But what I find ironic is how so many of the Cloud and Aerith shippers are the same ones who are apparently super moved by the Aerith and Zack relationship."

Ironic? Zack disappeared for five years. She accepted it and moved on. She was even aware when he had passed. Should players not take an interest in her finding a new love interest?

DeathTouch73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

People understand the game just fine. The game has optional scenes, optional dates and interactions. There is even a short version of the Highwind scene with Tifa for when the player clearly showed less interest in her than Aerith.

It’s just a matter of perception. Also, people move on. What I like about Aerith’s romance path, even though I never go for it (reasons below), is that she clearly sees that she is falling for Cloud because she reminds her of Zack, but she genuinely likes Cloud so much, that she declares she wants to meet his real self, for him to drop all the act. In hindsight, her date with Cloud is extremely powerful, like she could see his soul, even without prior knowledge like Tifa.

However, I genuinely prefer Tifa in the original game, hell she is probably my favorite FF7 character overall, but in the Remake she is just not as interesting. She wears her heart on a sleeve and is quite clingy while Aerith is much more mysterious and complex this time around (in the original, it was the opposite. You only got hints of Tifa’s true intentions and feelings, she puts on an act of tough girl for Cloud and even has date options in which she will deduct points of you for favoring herself over Aerith, as if she is silently judging Cloud for not being concerned with the rather meak flower girl; in the Remake she gets pissy of your relantionship with Aerith). Original Tifa would never burst out crying on Cloud’s chest also, that scene felt so forced that I just never watched it again over Barret’s or Aerith’s.

goldwyncq73d ago

Zack is long dead by the time of the game.

dumahim73d ago

Actually dies right before 7 starts. Almost made it back to her. He'd be gone for years though.

Outlawzz73d ago

Who's getting shipped ? Is there some sort of stock issue that occurred. Not enough shipments to fill demand ? No orders shipped. Idk, I'm confusion

CDbiggen73d ago

Heh, it's such a stupid word

CrimsonWing6973d ago

I really wanted to like this, but I just couldn't. The battle system is fun, but Zack annoyed me so much that it was making me feel embarrassed when he talked. He's so cartoony in a way that's off-putting. I also couldn't stand Genesis when all his responses were quotes from a play. Angeal was incredibly anemic as a character. I did like seeing Sephiroth as a "good guy", but he doesn't really show up much in the game and when he does it's... a little shallow. Cloud was completely off and it's weird knowing the character that he will be in FF7 is so different than his portrayal in this game.

Cissnei, I thought was actually genuinely a cool character and hope to god she's in Rebirth.

The music I also thought was bad, especially for an FF title. You have a lot of generic rock and most tracks are forgettable. The only one I liked was the desert area theme.

The level design is really poor. Yes, I get that it's a PSP game, but my experience playing it I felt there just wasn't much to the environments. I also felt the 300 missions recycling 3-4 maps become boring.

I don't want to be all negative. I thought the cutscenes and summons were cool.

I love FF games and adore FF7. Loved the Remake and that battle system and characters. So, I really went in this excited and just felt extremely let-down. I even listened to the original PSP voice actor and I get it, he was waaaaay better. This new guy is just awful as the voice and character.

GoodGuy0973d ago

Yes, Zack's VA was much better and tolerable in the psp version.
But yea even as a psp game, it was mid asides from characters and story which were top notch and the reason it was great. Combat improved in Reunion but at it's core, still a weak action rpg. Again yea, it's a psp game so it's quite outdated in many areas.

I got sick of the horrible repetitive side missions and quit lol. I remember loving it in the original though but I had lower standards back then ofc.

CrimsonWing6973d ago

I think part of my problem with the side missions is I tried to binge them when I could and it just really felt like a test of endurance. I'm sure that's not what the devs intended for these missions, but I wanted to get the platinum as soon as I could and move onto another game.

While I didn't particularly care for the story or the retcon with the reactor sequence, I am curious if these characters will show in Rebirth. I mean, I feel like they have to and that's why they released this.

jznrpg73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Japanese voices are the best option for me English is just to cheesy most of the time .

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