Dead Island 2's Combat Might Make the Wait Worth It

Game Rant Writes "Dead Island 2 finally has a solid handle under Dambuster Studios, which should bring refined combat to give the zombie-slaying adventure an edge."

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Aussieguy78d ago

Im a bit sceptical about this game. Originally when it was first announced years ago I was super excited for it, but normally games that are delayed a lot and take a while to make, dont normally end up

GotGame81878d ago

Games that are rushed, and not delayed often end up failing. I still haven't played Cyberpunk yet, because we were over promised, and a hot mess released.

CorndogBurglar78d ago

There's a balance. And the reason for the delays also matter.

Dead Island 2 was originally announced back in 2014. There were all kinds of reasons why it's been delayed so long, but a lot of them were studio issues.

Cyber Punk was originally announced in 2012 and didn't release until 2020.

So either way, both games took a very long time to make. The difference is Cyberpunk's team was working on it the entire time. Dead Island 2's team went through pretty much every single example of development hell you can think of with studio problems.

I don't think it bodes well for either of them, honestly. I hope it ends up being good, but history tells us not to get our hopes up lol.

HyperMoused77d ago

Cyberpunk is amazing you are missing out

babadivad77d ago

Might as well crack the seal now. I'm playing it and it's fucking fantastic. It's probably the most beautiful game I've played this gen as well.

frostypants77d ago

Cyberpunk is not a "hot mess" now for what it's worth.

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frostypants77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

My interest tanked when I heard about the stupid Back 4 Blood style card system. Makes me think this game will be another paint-by-numbers "me too" title.

REDGUM77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Just a question but did you read the article about the DI2 card system or as you put it "heard about it"?
They don't sound the same at all from what I did read about the card system. Sounded like the gameplay in Dead Island will need on the fly game changes to enable combat to evolve more quickly and think more about you're encounters. Back for Blood is an entirely different online game.

Might be worth a quick google & read if you haven't already.

Aussiesummer78d ago

The trailers for this have got me hyped, looks like the most detailed gore system ever, may be te dying light 2 I wanted but never got.

Darkhorizon78d ago

The combat won't mean crap if the game is full of (the message)

frostypants77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

How would that even work in a zombie game and...nevermind.

Duke1978d ago

Ill stay cautiously optimistic - but even as someone who enjoyed the first games... the combat wasn't exactly the highlight.

Will wait for some actual gameplay reviews

isarai77d ago

Hopefully there's a demo, i'm intrigued 🤔

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