The Tragic Tale Of The 'PlayStation Phone' That Should Have Changed Everything

When you take into account the sheer size of the smartphone gaming industry, it's perhaps surprising that none of the traditional players in the video game sector have managed to make much of an impression in that particular hardware space. Instead, it has fallen to the likes of Apple and Google to profit handsomely from the explosion in 'casual' play and the success of third-party titles like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, which pull in the kind of yearly revenue that would make even Nintendo blush.

In a hardware sector dominated by Apple and Samsung, there have been some notable attempts to create a true 'gaming phone' – Nokia's ill-fated N-Gage being the earliest – but it's Sony Ericsson's much-hyped Xperia Play which arguably got the closest to really nailing the concept, only to fail due to some somewhat basic errors.

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KeeseToast71d ago

The Xperia Play was the first smartphone I ever owned and I still have it to this day. Did a bunch of repairs on it. It's still functional and pretty good for emulation

franwex71d ago

I recall really wanting this. Instead I got an iPhone 4. The Xperia was a bit gimmicky and it didn’t really have PlayStation support as I had hoped.

YoungKingDoran71d ago

A good idea, just wish it had better specs though. Just ~6 years ago I had to use this for a few months in between phones. It could text and call, even browser usage at that time was pretty unusable.

But popping those buttons out on the train always raised some brows. Great for older android games and emulation up to about ps1. Mostly better than the PSP Go, however the Go can play psp games... for a while there it was always a dilemma as to what I'd take with me. Now this is not an issue. I still want a manufacturer to revisit this concept. I heard Sony have patent on this design (from a random comment) not sure if this is true though

TheEnigma31371d ago

I went to Verizon just for thia phone. It had a lot of potential but the droid OS was so horrible back then. The phone was very laggy.

jamesclark199171d ago

I had one of these and it absolutely slapped. Emulation on it mixed with the controller buttons was awesome. If I remember correctly it had decent, louder than average stereo speakers as well. Unfortunately the phone failed because the analogue sticks absolutely sucked and Sony didn't support it with playstation software. Similar story to the Vita, Sony just don't seem to understand what should be incredibly simple.
I still miss mine from time to time...

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