The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update Review - Toss a Shiny New Coin to Your Witcher

(MP1st) The Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update Review - This masterpiece is still impressive after all this time, and now with added visual fidelity.

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jznrpg71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

I want to play this again but I have too many games right now to go back . I will eventually . Want to play Cyberpunk first though

Fonsecap71d ago

You definitely should friend, it's a very good game, but still as bugs, not during missions, at least in my experience playing for the second time, but it a great game, go see some builds on the web and watch the edgerunners anime, its great and bug free :)

CrimsonIdol70d ago

Probably good plan to start with Cyberpunk if you ask me, give them time to fix up the performance a bit with this one. The Witcher 3 is a 10/10 game IMO but I feel like rating the update as 10/10 is a bit of a stretch. They need to fix the ray-tracing performance hit a bit better so it doesn't hammer a couple of threads of the CPU while barely touching the rest. There also seems to be some sort of memory leak with RT as well. If you've a CPU with less than 5.5GHz or a GPU with less than 16gb of VRAM you can basically forget about decent performance with RT. Cyberpunk is way better optimised ...and that's not a particularly high bar haha. So yeah, let this one sit in the oven for a bit.

JOJOs7469d ago

Cyberpunk is one of my favorite games all time and so is witcher 3 both are amazing games

Mroc1370d ago

Happy more people are getting into The Witcher 3. Definitely my favourite game on the PS4. Unfortunately I've finished it too many times to go back again. Time to start cyberpunk again on ps5

DustMan70d ago

I have a 2080 and Ray tracing is in know way playable. I expected as much with how complex the environments & shadows are to begin with. Still a great update just for the better texture resolution. Can't complain too much about a free update.