Spidersaurs Physical Editions Up for Preorder at Limited Run Games

"WayForward's Sp idersaurs is a charming run-and-gun shooter that launched digitally last year. The game combines the excitement and challenge of Contra with a colorful Saturday morning cartoon style. It also features 2-player local co-op, a helpful feature when blasting away at hordes of dinosaur/spider hybrids. Collectors will soon have a chance to join in the fun now that Limited Run Games has opened preorders for both standard and collector's editions of Spidersaurs," says Co-Optimus.

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Majin-vegeta143d ago

LRG are trash do not support them

CrimsonWing69143d ago

I do feel like this is an awful company and the outrageous prices they charge are absolutely ludicrous. I’m talking like them charging you $50 for a game that’s $20 digital and that’s not for a collectors edition, just the standard version of the game.