Radio Free Nintendo Podcast: Episode 127

RFN writes:

"RFN goes global for the final episode of 2008, as guests spread across three continents unite to see the year out in style. Greg and James are joined by both NWR Japan Correspondent James Charlton and Radio Trivia: Podcast Edition host Michael "TYP" Cole from the Land of the Rising Sun to discuss what they've been playing while being so many time zones ahead, and to digest the implications of Square-Enix's announcement that Dragon Quest X is in development for Wii.

After TYP offers us his impressions of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World in New Business, the far-scattered crew takes on recession gaming and 8-bit resurrections in Listener Mail before settling down to a feature on the outsourcing of game development for beloved franchises. Good, bad, and just plain puzzling examples are given to preface a debate on the causes behind these various triumphs and failures, and whether or not outsourcing as a whole is desirable."

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