Microsoft has launched an Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 5 bundle

It saves users $40 / £45 compared to buying the included products separately.

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blackblades77d ago

Shouldn't it be bundle with a newer game

Jin_Sakai77d ago

When you have nothing new just slap an old game in there and call it a bundle.

darthv7276d ago

Aside from the game... it should be a themed system. Like the halo edition.

deleted77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

It's XBox's best exclusive that has mass enough appeal. I'd argue that MS Flight Simulator is the best, but that will always remain niche. Halo is an echo of its former self. Not really any other exclusive worthy of a bundle. Certainly nothing new.

Yi-Long77d ago

I’ll be waiting for a bundle with Forza ‘8’ (Forza Motorsports), but this would have been tempting if it had included the DLC and perhaps a new hardware color.

CrimsonWing6977d ago

I dunno, I wish they’d maybe do a theme on the console. This comes off rather boring.

Orchard77d ago

That’s been disappointing this gen all up. The lack of custom consoles alongside big game releases.

Obviously the earlier shortages would’ve affected it but I wonder if MS and Sony have basically given up on them now - having to set up custom manufacturing etc can’t have made them very cost effective / profitable.

curtain_swoosh77d ago

had to check if FH5 was the new one.

odd decision to bundle it now with a year old game

Brazz77d ago

When you have no exclusive games and you need to use a 2021 realease in 2023!!! Also, this is $559! This is Nintendo level of bad bundle!

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The story is too old to be commented.