Bringing The Fear: Interview With Anna Jasińska From Bloober Team

Anna Jasińska is the Chief Marketing Officer, over at Bloober Team.

cthulhucultist149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

I do like their games to be honest. I havent played Medium yet (Steam Deck does not support it officially), but Layers or Fear 1 & 2 were solid releases (great ports on Switch as well).

Observer was amazing (yet slow paced) and Blair Witch had a great atmosphere and at times was very unnerving (woodlands sections).

Cant wait for Silent Hill 2 remake and Layers of Fear!

ROCKY28149d ago

they create amazing atmosphere within all their titles, but it's the actual gameplay that is lacking...
hopefully this will change with SH titles...

lonewolf10149d ago

Should do as the gameplay to a degree is already there, they are tweaking some aspects to make it more modern feeling. Hopefully it will be good.

generic-user-name146d ago

I love SH2 but I'm not sure the gameplay was that game's strong suit.

148d ago