Microsoft backs off claim in Activision antitrust case that the FTC is unconstitutional

Microsoft says it made a mistake last month when it claimed that the very structure of Federal Trade Commission, the agency trying to block its bid for Activision Blizzard, violates the United States Constitution.

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Orchard79d ago

So all of a sudden everyone is friends. The FTC wants a settlement, and MS no longer consider them unconstitutional.

Best friends forever (until the next anti-trust case).

Jin_Sakai78d ago

You have to be a Microsoft employee. There’s no other explanation.

Luvofdegames78d ago

No he’s just a corporate slave.

darkrider78d ago

Embassators of Microsoft. Google it.

Orchard78d ago

By that logic, we're all employees of Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo on this website.

VenomUK78d ago

Microsoft knows why the FTC exist. To ensure that companies with the highest market cap in the world don't abuse their influence to do whatever they want. Because it has been challenged, instead of just debating with the FTC that the acquisition is valid it decided to say that the very question of whether its acquisition of Activision is okay shouldn't have been asked at all! Grubby.

343_Guilty_Spark78d ago

It's already debated why it's valid. But the burden of the FTC is to prove its not which they failed at.

343_Guilty_Spark78d ago

Orchard...How is the deal monopolistic or anti-competitive

Crows9078d ago (Edited 78d ago )

When you buy the biggest 3rd party publishers....that's monopolistic and anti competitive. An actual monopoly doesn't happen with 1 deal either. You become a monopoly through a series of different deals and purchases.

Orchard78d ago

@343 I don't believe it is either of the above, not even remotely.

livedeht78d ago

The shills are shilling each other.... Let them be, they might eat each other lol

XiNatsuDragnel79d ago

I'm waiting for the European regulators to grill them imo.

Tacoboto78d ago

The same European regulators that had to correct the FTC's lie and received 3/4ths of public responses favoring the deal?

Yeah we'll see.

IRetrouk78d ago

What lie lol, ms said what the ftc said they did, all the European regs said was there was no commitment given or asked for, ms stated it all by themselves.

Tacoboto78d ago

The FTC said that MS committed to European regulars to keep Bethesda games exclusive, it was their primary reason for opposing it here in the US. A commitment that didn't happen. FTC's primary argument based on... fake news.

IRetrouk78d ago

Yes they got the commitment part wrong which is all the Eu stated, we know this, but ms did infact state in their eu documents why they wouldn't be making zenimax games exclusive, again, well known info, no lie.

artgamer78d ago

Nothing but bad faith from MS

Gamingsince198178d ago

Lmao poor little scared MS, all the money in the world and they can't even buy a win in court or in gaming, it must sting them a bit. They remind me of the cobra team in dodgeball, unlimited budget but no skill, so in the end they lose against average Jo's.

aaronaton78d ago

lol as a villain, i don't think they're that likeable!

Nacho_Z78d ago Show
darthv7278d ago (Edited 78d ago )

I dont think you quite understand the way this is portrayed. FTC was being all big and bad and MS stood up to them so the FTC backed off to be willing to negotiate and as a result MS too backed off. it wasnt looking good for the FTC... it never did. MS throwing shade made the FTC reconsider. Now that FTC is open to talks (since they were wrong to begin with), MS is being more cordial.

In other words, FTC caved first so MS didnt have to remain on the offensive.

do you understand now?

IRetrouk78d ago

Ftc didn't back off anything, negotiations are part of the process they follow.

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