UK's CMA Extends Deadline For Its Activision-Blizzard Report

CMA (Competition & Markets Authority) of the United Kingdom has extended the deadline for the ongoing Activision-Blizzard deal by two months.

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Orchard79d ago

Seems like things are going on behind the scenes. This is ultimately likely a good thing for Microsoft - it looks like perhaps this wasn't as clear cut as the CMA were thinking.

It would typically be quick to go from "this is bad" in phase 1 to "this is still bad" in phase 2.

Gamingsince198179d ago

It's pretty weird how you guys are here pretending you have even the tiniest fraction of an idea how the laws work, its amusing to say the least. Maybe you can pretend to be a dev some more too.

Orchard79d ago

No one on here has claimed to be a lawyer - feel free to send us a copy of your bar certificate & law degree and educate us all.

HardKnockKid2479d ago

But why does your first contribution to the discussion have to be an attack?

Chevalier79d ago

Ask for proof of anything and he will just ask you back instead of offering anything. Trust me he does not have ANY proof of anything. Thinks his opinion is fact, but, can't offer any. Just absolutely 💯 idiotic.

Orchard79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

@HardKnock Exactly. His contributions to this thread are basically zero at this point.

@Chevalier I've never claimed to be a lawyer, I am however a developer and have proved that to multiple people on here - means absolutely nothing to me what you choose to believe or not believe :)

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shinoff218379d ago

Or it could just be the holidays delayed a little bit. I work in manufacturing and my shop was shut down almost two weeks.

Orchard79d ago

So the government forgot Christmas exists? Seems unlikely.

They also say "special reasons" caused the delay. Christmas isn't a random, unexpected special reason.

sparky7779d ago

Yeah this seems like good news for MS, in phase 1 they wanted to block so they would have finished phase 2 fast if they still believed that.

Likely they will approve but are thinking of any concessions they could add.

MadLad79d ago

It feels like they're purposely just pushing off the inevitable at this point.
Like when big companies are in the wrong, so they'll just draw out lawsuits for years until the other can't afford it, or just doesn't care enough to continue into it anymore.

Sonyslave379d ago (Edited 79d ago )

It going to happen welcome ABK to the Microsoft family.

Gamingsince198179d ago

Yup, if it does goes through which nothing indicates that happening yet, it's not happening for a while yet, and MS still won't have anything they didn't already have, all that happens is other brands miss out....kinda odd to get excited about a big nothing sandwich.

Orchard79d ago

"if it does goes through which nothing indicates that happening yet"
FTC wanting a settlement and wanting to avoid federal court suggests it is happening, at least in the US.

"MS still won't have anything they didn't already have"
Except they will, they'll have the best selling game year in year out and all of the revenue that comes with it.

As for consumers, we get COD (and the other Activision franchises) in GamePass.

shinoff218379d ago

I see. That's why your so invested orchard. Your a cheapskate

Orchard79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

@shinoff Yes, 100%. I, like most other consumers on the planet, like to get as much bang for my buck as possible.

Anyone who likes paying more than they have to is a fool.

XiNatsuDragnel79d ago

This is going to get drawn out

purple10179d ago

"Although Microsoft already has approvals from Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Serbia on the deal, it still needs 17 more approvals to complete the deal"

wouldn't say this is looking good for them, still needing 17 more approvals an all the likelyhood they will get all 17 is pretty slim. not that i mind, i've brought my last cod, in mw2, and happy to move on now to something different.

Orchard79d ago

Realistically though, the only ones that really matter are the US, EU and UK. That's why MS are focusing so much on those 3, and why we only really hear about those 3.

Other countries are too small of a market for MS to abandon this deal over.

Gamingsince198179d ago

Realistically you have no clue at all and that's evident by everything you say, international companies can't just ignore countries laws because you think they don't "matter" no matter which country it is.

Orchard79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Well, the two repercussions of a country rejecting it means:

1. Microsoft/Activision must shutter any Activision studios in that country
2. Microsoft/Activision will no longer be allowed to sell their products in that country.

So don't expect MS/Activision to care about small countries in South America etc.

shinoff218379d ago (Edited 79d ago )


Ms still sees sales in those countries. They might not sell as much as ps in those countries but it's still a global business. If you take out those small countries it adds up. America can't even sell more consoles in North America then sony. They need what they can get so don't kid yourself

Hofstaderman79d ago

If Darwin was still around even he would question his theory of evolution based on some of the comments here. It’s simple; 17 countries required. The biggest holdout is not the United States it’s the European agency as many territories fall under them. This deal will likely go through but it will go through with concessions, the Europeans don’t play. And even if it goes through what are you hoping to see, XBOX overtaking PS because of the casual mob and their COD fixation? All that I see is another publisher with genuine development houses under them that will stagnate.

Orchard79d ago


Depends on the numbers, right? Activision makes about 8bn in revenue per year. Xbox makes about 16bn. I bet they'd happily sacrifice sales in (insert random South American country) to increase their revenue by 50% overnight.

Anyway, it won't come to that. This deal is going through, whether you and I like it or not.


"And even if it goes through what are you hoping to see, XBOX overtaking PS because of the casual mob and their COD fixation?"

I'm hoping to see Activision games, in GP, day 1. It's that simple.

MadLad78d ago (Edited 78d ago )


Same. I'm enjoying the service and enjoying watching it grow.
Not to mention they've already commented on how there's studios within the company they want to bring back from simply being relegated to support studios for CoD.

Raven, High Moon, Toys for Bob, and Vicarious Visions instantly come to mind.
They also want to revive what have been dormant IP. None of this would happen under Activision's current leadership.
They only care about CoD, World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch anymore.

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