Darkzero Review: Rolando

Dark Zero writes: "Although iPhone games are generally of a high standard when viewed alongside titles available on other mobile phones, they often fare less well when compared to software on specialist handheld gaming platforms like the DS and PSP.

This could be attributed to the low price points on Apple's App Store and to the fact that developers have yet to get to grips with how to make the best use of the iPhone's unique capabilities.
The hardware itself is certainly no barrier to quality, with a screen that's bigger than that of the DS, and has a better resolution than that of the PSP. Also, according to programming genius John Carmack, the iPhone is "more powerful than a DS and PSP combined."

It's a relief then that one company have taken the tools at their disposal and created a game that is worthy of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with those on Nintendo and Sony's rival products."

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