Sonic Co-Creator Charged With Illegally Trading Over $1 Million In Final Fantasy Stock

Yuji Naka has been prosecuted for insider trading before Final Fantasy announcement.

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deleted76d ago

And these guys want to get into NFTs! Corruption will just become more rampant until serious regulations are put into place, in this post-FTX climate. It's too easy to launder money, pull scams as things are now.

CrimsonWing6976d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I feel like Balan Wonderworld was a greater crime.

curtain_swoosh76d ago

haha yeh.
i played it a couple weeks aho and its ... not good. like at all.

GoodGuy0976d ago

Yet another creator of a very well known and classic franchise that has fallen lol. Most of these guys are nothing without the company they left unfortunately.