Do Not Expect Silent Hill 2 Remake to Fully Copy Original

Bloober Team has recently revealed that the upcoming Silent Hill 2 Remake is a whole new journey.

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Orchard153d ago

Well that's worrying, it's Bloober team after all. This game should just be a copy paste of the original with better graphics and improved gameplay mechanics.

-Foxtrot153d ago

Yeah, like remember when RE3 removed stuff...

I just don't want these guys using this as an excuse to why there's things missing in the remake.

Eonjay153d ago

"Kacper revealed that the whole town of Silent Hill has now been reworked with the use of state-of-the-art technology. All of the creatures involved in this game have been recreated as well with more eerie visuals. To make the game challenging, the team has changed the AI to keep them on their toes."

I think this is exactly what people would want to change. I don't see any reason for concern from this statement? Can we stop the fake concern and save it for things that are actually concerning.

Also stop reacting to clickbait titles.

shinoff2183153d ago

That's all I wanted with ff7 remake. Id like the same here tbh.

CorndogBurglar153d ago

FF7 Remake was such a disappointment for me simply because they changed the combat.

ManMarmalade153d ago

The resident evil 4 remake is adding features to combat, such as the knife being more useful in situations. I'm not fully sold with this being done by bloober though.

Vits153d ago

Honestly, I feel that is for the better. There is no way Bloober Team or any other developer would be able to recreate the original. So going with something a little bit different might be for the best. Or so I would say if the original wasn't so bloody annoying or downright impossible to get for modern platforms.

So Konami let's keep the good things coming and announce a port of the original already.

shinoff2183153d ago

Re create. How not it's all laid out for them literally everything

Vits153d ago

Because it's not easy, Silent Hill 2 is a PS2 title. Its design from the visuals to mechanics was created around the limitations of the hardware and what was common sense back in the day. Trying to make a 1-1 copy of that to modern platforms that do not share the same limitations, with a public that does not share the same sensibilities will simply show how things are not the same. New fans will be disappointed by how this legendary game behaves and older fans will also be disappointed because it does feel like it used to.

ANIALATOR136153d ago

The game is best these days on PCSX2. It's a shame we don't have a proper remaster but playing the original through an emulator is best we can get if we want higher resolutions

Vits153d ago

Yeah, and that is sort of the problem. The ways we currently have to experience the game is by either hunting down the original hardware, emulating it on going through some hops to get the Unofficial Enhanced Edition working on PC.

And look I'm not even asking for a remaster, just give us a port of the original, one that doesn't suck so we can play on other platforms officialy.

Flawlessmic153d ago

Why re invent, just give us current gen graphics, make some QOL improvements and bam, you have an instant classic remade for us oldies to enjoy and for for a new generation to enjoy exactly as it was, just looks prettier.

BrainSyphoned153d ago

One of many signs that this will be a Do Not Recommend. No chance at game pass bailing out this exclusive failure either.

shinoff2183153d ago

It's barely had anything shown beside some dope small trailer. Game pass maybe a few but it's hardly the knight in shining armor some of yall xbox people make it out to.

I think your hating more cause it'll be on ps5 first if I remember right.

Flawlessmic153d ago

Yea there will be a lot of hate and downplaying on here simply for the fact it's exclusive so the salty ones who don't own a ps5 will downplay it at every turn.

I'll wait till it's out before judge it, hope they knock it out of the park though.

isarai153d ago

Oh no...

Having an already defined structure to follow was the only hope i had for Bloober Team to finally hit the mark with this game where they always fall just shy of great in every other attempt/game in their track record. Them taking the reigns on that, i dont have much hope for this game. Hope i'm wrong but their track record is working against them here. It'll just be another "ok" game with a bitter aftertaste.

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