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WTMG's Kyle Nicol: "What a disappointing way to dive in head first into a new series. Star Ocean: The Divine Force is a stain on the history of a franchise that has a pretty solid cult following. While it does feature some decent combat, that alone doesn’t make up for its myriad of issues, such as the lacklustre story, bland world and incredibly poor visuals that look like they are from the PS2 era at the very best. It could have been great if more care had been put into it. As it stands, I just simply cannot recommend it."

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shinoff218380d ago

What a whack review. First not every game is gonna hit you with an award winning story nor needs to. If this reviewer knew anything about star ocean the stories were never award winning. Most games aren't.

Ps2 Era graphics this reviewer doesn't know what their talking about. Probably wasn't even alive or remember what ps2 graphics actually look like. The graphics aren't bad. They aren't the latest greatest graphics but it is the best looking game in the star ocean series. If I had to place it I'd say early ps4 graphics, and you know what that's perfectly fine.

Alot of people don't and should take into consideration the actual scope of this game. It's a pretty big game with lots to do. This game doesn't get the budget that other aaa games do and it does good with what it gets. Could it be better sure.

I've read some complaining about the camera also. Idk man I've got 65 hours into it and I haven't really felt it's an issue. I think people complaining about the camera just might have issues adjusting to new game controls.

I was defending this game without even playing cause I knew. Now after playing it my real only complaint I see alot of these bad reviews aren't warranted. If I had one complaint so far I wish I could actually talk to the towns people with a button. It kinda sucks for that. The npcs in towns do say stuff but unless you have volume up high you can't hear good enough and if you have the dialogue boxes on it goes away pretty quick especially if a crowd of people are talking. I guess two complaints. The subtitle font needs to be bigger. Maybe its'just my age but the subtitles can be hard to read for the townspeople and some other areas of the game.

So far I'd give the game a solid 8.
7.5 at the least

jznrpg80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

It’s a good game I agree with your score range somewhere around an 8 . Combat is good the story is the usual Star Ocean story , spoiler sorta as the premise has been used in other games .. space traveler lands on a planet that doesn’t know about space travel is the basic premise but it’s done well overall and the acting is good though I turn on Japanese voices for all games with the option so that helps imo. I’d recommend it to people who like action JRPGS .

shinoff218380d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Its right on par with what star ocean fans wanted, and way way better then 5

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shinoff218379d ago

Why The disagrees? Its honest and from an actual fan not someone who admits never playing a star ocean game and proceeding to cry about star ocean things in a star ocean game.

shinoff218380d ago

Lol. An actual comment on the review I just seen while reading the rest of the review

"wow, what a ridiculous review. First of all, how can you claim it's a "stain on the history of the franchise' when you admit this is your FIRST Star Ocean game? any fan would tell you Star Ocean 5 is the worst in the series, by far and is the one that can be called a stain. Also, if you think the visuals are PS2-level you have clearly forgotten what PS2 games looked like, please go back and play Star Ocean 3. The story is NOT slow paced, the whole game can be beaten in 30 hours, at least it's not bloated like Xenoblade 3."

I think they make a great point.