Nvidia unveils RTX 4070 Ti, out this week

The midrange video card will sport up to twice the performance of 3090 Ti

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darkrider80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Twice the performance of the 3090ti? Really? It's crazy to think that the 3090 is 40 teraflop gpu. Can't even imagined what what Santa Monica, insomniac or ND could do with that kind of power

darksky80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Even the 4090 is only about 35% better performance than a 3090Ti. The 4070Ti is not going to be faster than a 3090Ti. Totally wrong title.

MWH80d ago

The title is not wrong, it's just nvidia lying.

MWH80d ago

It's the same old green lies.

Bobertt80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

It's bs marketing they used 1 game and compared DLSS 2 vs 3 instead of an equal comparison. The reviews are out and the 3090ti is slightly better than it at 4k but the 3070ti is about the same or 5% better at 1440p. It's overpriced and spec wise it's not fully a 4070ti either it has lower memory bandwidth than a 3070ti. What's even worse is Nvidia was planning to sell this to us as 4080 12gb for even more.

jznrpg80d ago

Not up to twice the performance from a 3070. Hate fake theoretical claims.

badz14979d ago

twice the performance LOL! nVidia really thinks that people are really THAT stupid to believe everything they say.

masterfox79d ago

twice the performance of a 3090....biggest bs nvidia has ever told yet.