Final Fantasy XVI Needs To Overcome Its Predecessor's Story Faults

Final Fantasy XVI is now confirmed to come out June 22 2023, and already it has the internet speculating on the story based on what little’s been revealed so far. That said, it’s hard to shake off the niggling feeling that the story might just suck, due to the many narrative shortcomings we saw in Final Fantasy XV. In order for Final Fantasy XVI to become a success, it needs to approach its story with full awareness of its predecessor’s shortcomings.

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Scissorman8275d ago (Edited 75d ago )

What an odd, useless article. Everyone knows why FFXV had narrative issues: it was cobbled together in the 11th hour after a decade of development woes. XVI has already overcome this issue because it's had one director at the helm, its development has been incredibly focused, and it's also coming out relatively quickly after it's announcement.

Tapani75d ago

What a complete disaster of an article. FFXV and FFXVI has nothing to do with each other. On the other hand, FFXVI has everything to do with FFXIV which had the best Final Fantasy story in decades. Go and do some background research before writing up random stuff!

CrimsonWing6974d ago

Was FF XV this author’s first Final Fantasy game?

Magatsuhi74d ago

Yoshi P is probably the best director at square enix atm. I have no doubts it will have the most competent story to tell and if you've played shadowbringers and my personal favorite heavensward you know you're in for a treat. Heavensward pulled on my heart strings but shadowbringers showed they can tell a fleshed out story line.