Konami teases reveals for games it says are ‘quietly underway’

Konami has said it’s planning to reveal even more new games, building on its recently disclosed plans to revive classic franchises.

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shinoff218384d ago

Come on Konami we know you got it in you. Let's get some old school series going.

Einhander197183d ago

Come on Konami let's have that sequel to Axelay.

EternalTitan83d ago

So where is MGSV final chapter and where is full version of PT?

MadLad83d ago

What's the point of making PT if none of the creative talent behind the demo wants anything to do with Konami at this point?
The only thing that we know is going on with Silent Hill is a questionable VR title.

hombreacabado83d ago

theres multiple silent hills in development!!!!!! did ya not see all them trailers!

shinoff218383d ago

How's it questionable. There's barely anything out on it at this moment

MadLad83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Team Silent is gone.
Kojima is gone.

The scraps they've thrown out over the last couple of years were complete drivel.
I have zero faith in whatever is in the works until they actually put out a quality product after many years of being able to say they did. All of their last works were low rent garbage that they hoped would sell on name recognition.

shinoff218383d ago

People still buy re and it's been whack for years. I'll take a new silent hill to try then anything re has done since 4

MadLad83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Sorry, realized I actually wrote a short story by the time I posted lol.

That's up to the player.
I consider 2 remake and 7 to be the best of the series, honestly.

For me, I thought Konami highly mishandled Silent Hill since, well, anything after 4 as well lol. Though I do think Downpour is actually pretty solid.
And that was when Konami still seemed like a competent publisher actually, at least trying, to put out quality products.
Now all that real talent that we know Konami for is gone, and they're pushing out several titles all at once. They did the same thing years ago, all were critical and financial blunders and it killed the franchise for years until PT was a thing ... that they then killed, themselves.

I'm looking at the studios they have attached to these new projects and it doesn't have me hopeful. Only smaller projects, or simply support studios for larger IP. Nothing to show for anything right now either.
And don't get me wrong, I always say that it's the smaller studios working on indies and AA that are really keeping the industry alive. But when you then thrust them on larger projects, and it's just not where their comfort zone is and they can't handle it.

I'm not trying to be overly negative here. If there's one IP I want to see Konami keep up with it's Silent Hill.
But if they botch it again, I think people are going to give up, and so will Konami because the money isn't there.

The only project of have some faith in at face value is the SH2 remake from Bloober. They're good at morbid imagery, overall interesting imagery, and creating a good sense of atmosphere. They're acting is almost always on point as well.
I thought they were a good choice here.

jznrpg83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Side Scroller Castlevania for my wife please (I want one also) !! If she’s playing that she will get off my back and let me play however much I want . Make it a 100+ hour lots of backtracking game with lots of armor items and secrets to collect.

shinoff218383d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Off of what you said I loved bloodstained. Great game. A new castlevania side stroller would be dope af

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