Death Stranding 2: Eight Things We Want to See

Devin Rardin: The Death Stranding 2 trailer was more than enough to get me thinking about the future. Here are eight things I want from the sequel.

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Orchard274d ago

“I want to do something more impactful than a pizza delivery”

This may not be the game for you my friend.

IRetrouk273d ago

Kojima has already stated it won't be like the first, even rewrote the script after the pandemic, I think hes gonna surprise us again.

Orchard273d ago

I'll wait and see, I'll be checking it out for sure. I'm a sucker for anything with Kojima on the box :P

IRetrouk273d ago

100% in agreement with you there.

Inverno273d ago

I just hope that new bike can actually be driven. The terrain in the first game was a total pain in the arse for the motorcycle. And I hope they make traversal on foot even better. I quite enjoyed the ladders and rope but I'd like to see them tackle trying to make a more realistic BoTW-esque climbing.

tombfan273d ago

BoTW was anything but realistic hahahahahaha, Death Stranding on the other hand was way too realistic, maybe a mix of both.

GamingSinceForever273d ago

I’m finally playing this game now. While the traversal is unique my concern is that it takes forever t get from point to point. The bike only made is marginally faster.

The game is beautiful though and the story seems interesting so far.

dumahim273d ago

Get a truck, build roads. I had fun working with the community building the roads and once it was done, movement wasn't much of an issue, until you get to the later parts and you either need ziplines over the mountains or drive a long way around.

GamingSinceForever273d ago

Damn it gets that deep? 😂

Glad to hear that it does become

Rocketisleague272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

I've just got to chapter 5 and mountain knot city, its pretty enjoyable traversing at this point for me. There are many things that come into play between BT's and terrorists.

@GamingSinceForever, I don't think easier is the correct word :) less tedious for sure.

Oh also - the bike can go faster with a left stick click..

Hofstaderman273d ago

It may not have the same gameplay loop like the first game which aimed to reconnect the Chryal network. Seeing that that was accomplished in the first game perhaps this instalment will move away from deliveries?

mastershredder273d ago

We? Don't collect us into your cringe fest. Speak for yourself.

porkChop273d ago

They are speaking for themselves. They say "we" as in their website.

LeeFender272d ago

That is correct. Thanks for clarifying. So many people take things out of context or are just too lazy to actually use their brains no offense lol just to attack someone and feel special.

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Hideo Kojima teases Death Stranding 2 will change the meaning of "strand"

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ClayRules201260d ago

I’m excited for this intriguing sequel, which I have no doubt will tick me off just like the original game (my fault for a lack of patience for hours) but once I started to stop, think, rethink my options and stop playing this game like any other game, things when much smoother. So, hopefully I remember that lesson learned when I boot up this sequel…hopefully haha.

Armyofdarkness60d ago

Hey, whatever. I’m in!! Loved Death Stranding!

Aloymetal60d ago

Can't wait for this sequel. Decima engine is awesome.

Kurt Russell60d ago

I suprised myself with just how much I enjoyed the original (didn't play until recently). Looking forward to this.