God of War Ragnarok ends 2022 at No.1 | UK Boxed Charts

All game sales were down in the post-Christmas week.

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SullysCigar83d ago

Physical media for the win. Awesome game.

piroh83d ago

I got mine copy in december on my birthday

Kinda sad Elden ring isnt in top 10, its awesome game too like GOW

lonewolf1083d ago

ER was released 10 months prior, could explain its absence from the top 10 @ Xmas.

Orchard83d ago

It might still be though - this is physical only - and as of 2020, 85% of game purchases in the UK were digital, that number is probably higher now.

With it being a multi-plat game, I’d be surprised if it isn’t in the top 10 when you look at digital + physical data.

Knushwood Butt83d ago

Sonic proving popular over Christmas. Hopefully SEGA reinvest and improve.

Orchard83d ago

Bundles will definitely help boost SW sales. No idea how MK is still there but I’m also surprised that people are still buying Switch’s like crazy. Nintendo needs to give us MK9 already.

I wish they could combine digital and physical sales data so we could see (roughly) accurate numbers.

This is a bit like saying the Rams are top of the table if you only look at 10% of the games played in the conference.

badz14983d ago

MK9? hahaha...NO!

just like the Switch itself, they will not release a follow-up until the sales have significantly gone down. just look at BotW, as soon as the game no longer charts consistently, they announced the sequel. that's just how Nintendo rolls nowadays.

Orchard83d ago

One can dream :p

At the very least give us a Super Mario Bros game… the WiiU one has surely stopped selling well now.

Pissmaster83d ago

You love hearing yourself talk don't you

Orchard83d ago

That’s kind of the entire point of a comments section… to make comments.

No one is forcing you to read them though 😉

Pissmaster83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Nothing wrong with it, we all have our opinions. Happy new year Orchard, hope it's a great year for Sony and MS.

ravens5283d ago

I understand Orchard says some wild things sometimes but it seems like alotta you see the name and give a down vote lol.

Orchard83d ago

@Pissmaster Happy new year to you too. Should be a banger year for all of the big 3!

@ravens I stopped paying attention to downvotes a while back, it means nothing :P

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darkrider83d ago

The power of quality exclusives.

S2Killinit83d ago

Superb game. Deserve every single copy sold.

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