PS5 Sales Climb Week-on-Week - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Dec 4-10

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 872,694 units sold for the week ending December 10, 2022, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 118.99 million units lifetime.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 715,141 units to bring its lifetime sales to 28.97 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 480,942 units to bring their lifetime sales to 20.61 million units.

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SullysCigar147d ago

PS5 sales will pick up pace now they're available more readily. Combine that with the awesome games already out and coming up, plus PSVR2 and you have a strong proposition for purchasing in one 2023.


I'll likely snatch one up in 2023 for Spiderman 2 and FF16. I just hope this "new" version with the detachable disc drive comes with different color options.

S2Killinit147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

They all have different color options already. But you have to purchase the plate separately to customize the color.

LemyAtom146d ago

Agreed. I didn't even bother looking for absolutely ages then had a windfall a couple of weeks back and the Goe Ragnarok varient had been on stock for almost a week. Loving it so far. Was pleasantly surprised when I switched on Spotify and it switched off the BGM!

Golfcoachh146d ago

I still haven't been able to find one. Anyone know where to get a digital online?

Orchard146d ago

I can probably help - which country are you in?

Orchard145d ago


Sorry, didn't see this - sometimes the notifications are a bit janky.

You can find a digital here:

Also sent you a PM to make sure you see this.


ZeekQuattro147d ago

The Switch is now the third best selling videogame system and its still going strong. It's been one hell of a ride that's for sure.

Sgt_Slaughter147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

It'll easily hit 130-135M by Q4 of 2023/2024 at this rate, the thing is unstoppable and in under six years on the market.

It's also equally as impressive that it did this without the DVD playback assist the PS2 had or the massive casual adoption the DS got, not to mention a hybrid portable device selling this well in the age of smartphones.

shinoff2183147d ago

Portable players plus console players will do that. It is the only portable on the market. Those ds 3ds players had to go somewhere. Still impressive though.

shinoff2183147d ago

Switch got Hella casual adoption. It's most of the sales are casuals.

blackblades147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Yeah casual, my neice and nephew got a switch dont even play it probably only once. They mostly on there phone and chooses to be on there phone to play roblok or some shyt close to it. Pandemic probably played role from what I heard on the news. I know one thing I wasnt gonna make that mistake again and buying a Nintendo. I got a Wii and smash bros was the only game I had for it and still the same

badz149147d ago

plus it also got the massive pandemic lockdown boost that no other console in the past has gotten while the PS4 and Xbone were already on the decline and the PS5 and Series X/S were heavily supply-constrained during that same period. Nintendo got all sort of lucky with the Switch.

Army_of_Darkness147d ago

The Nintendo switch is complete garbage. It got lucky because of the pandemic, more acceptance towards the casual gamers and supply restraints of the ps5 and series X. If it wasn't for those factors, people would see it as a simple console "remake" and rebranding of the failed Nintendo wiiU. Sure I may get hated for saying this, but whatever. It's a console that can barely keep up with the ps4, let alone the ps5! And people phrase it because of a few games that were re-released from the wiiU days?!? Really? I'd prefer gaming technology to advance forward, not backwards....

SeTTriP147d ago

It's a handheld that you can port to t.v same as vita porting through ps consoles.

They are not the same.

Knushwood Butt146d ago

Switch and Mario Kart.

A last gen system with a last gen game, and sells better than the competition.

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MajorLazer147d ago

The PS2 didn't have the benefit of being a home console and a portable too but props to the switch, it's a sales beast.

Justo909147d ago

PS5 will end the year with 9-10m gap, it sold 70k back to back weeks in japan alone so world wide sales will be massive.

blue88147d ago

The gap is growing like crazy now since the ps5 is back in stock consistently.

Sgt_Slaughter147d ago

It's weird how the titles for weekly sales numbers are PS5-favored which implies that it would be leading the chart, yet it's always Switch at the top.

SullysCigar147d ago

The Switch selling most is not a notable change - it's been like that forever now. PS5 faced shortages, which are now being addressed.

I'm not suggesting that makes a difference against the Switch sales, just that maybe that's why it's called out in the title.

DefaultComment147d ago

Yet Xbox series S/X had also a climb but I guess that's irelevant too, right? cause it' has to be the freaking Playstation the leader and the one that deserves all the praise even though Microsoft is also selling well and Nintendo wiping their arse the so called current gen power house the ps5 is supposed to be.
You see the biased?

SullysCigar146d ago

^ Yes,I see the bias... From you.

The xbox hasn't experienced stock shortages for AGES, because Microsoft paid over the odds for chips during the chip shortage. They've also had DEEP sales on series s for some time now - and this is a week-on-week article.

For the PS5, for this reason, it was a NOTABLE change, as I implied. If you think vgchartz is biased towards PlayStation, you might need help.

Hofstaderman146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

XBOX never experienced production and and stock availability issues. In Europe both the series X and S were available on store shelves. People here lean heavily towards PlayStation.

Hofstaderman146d ago

At this point the hardcore crowd are more focussed on current generation consoles. Sure Switch has the new Zelda coming out but third party support is still sparse and heavy hitters are hampered by the aged hardware.

SullysCigar146d ago

The new Zelda will be on their next console anyway - that's if they don't pull another Switch-eroo and actually hold it back to launch on the next console day one.

darkrider146d ago

Because ps5 got 100% increase in sales compared to last year. The switch selling high its normal.

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