Five Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass by January 15

These five games are confirmed to be leaving Xbox Game Pass by January 15. There is a nice selection here including Nobody Saves The World.

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deleted76d ago

That's it, Gamepass cancelled. I can't live without Pupperazzi!

monkey60276d ago

I am raging I didnt get around to playing Nobody Saves the World though

deleted76d ago

Well it won't be removed until the 15th, so jump on it.

MadLad76d ago

They give solid discounts when the games are leaving.
It's a great game. Definitely one of the best indies released last year. You have enough time to get through it if you're interested, but it's worth a buy either way.

Played it on Gamepass, then bought it on Steam

monkey60276d ago

I'm finding it really tough to get game time in the last year guys. My backlog isn't only growing its getting the absolute best of me.
Strangely enough my car insurance provider sent me a gift card I can use on Xbox so I might pick the game up before it leaves

deleted76d ago

@Monkey602 I hear ya on the game time! The only game I'm playing on Gamepass (PC) at the moment is MS Flight Simulator, which is absolutely incredible in VR! Most of my freetime outside of work and kids has been on it.

MadLad76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I guess I'm lucky in that area. My job consists of basically just traveling, meetings, and emails. Affords me a lot of downtime in that regard.

Though now I'm much more on my Steam Deck and Series S than I am on my PC, sadly. Not that I don't love them all the same.

monkey60276d ago

Ha the joys of getting old ay?! I'm neck deep in God of War now and loving it. Got Callisto for Christmas so that's next up. I played an hour or 2 of High on Life and I'd like to get back to it soon too.

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roadkillers76d ago

Meh, there’s enough games to satisfy me for a lifetime.