EA servers erase multiple franchises leaving owners frustrated. Madden 23 - Franchise Update 12/30

Hello Madden Franchise Community, We wanted to provide you with an update and next steps around your Online Franchise, CFM Leagues and FOTF saves from 12/28.

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refocusedman568d ago

It's absurd that people still support this game. It was released 4 to 5 months ago and a portion of the game has been riddled with issues and unplayable for abt a month.

badboyz09566d ago

It's a game for causals. EA's had the exclusive NFL license for 18+yrs now with the same copy and paste game. why? Because causals are morons. The see NFL and buy.


I was a huge madden fan then all of a sudden my last year of college 2004 I just quit. I haven't played madden since then and I feel good.

Army_of_Darkness566d ago

EA.... End Anything that no longer makes us money.

just_looken566d ago

Ea own almost every sports ip and now all but forza/grant turismo and assetto in the racing scene with 0 negitive feedback 0 court drama.

So in there view they can piss all over those ips but still make cash on users that what to play the latest game and or latest roster update.

Also on the news article subject all ea titles were screwed up because January 1rst was error/na on orgin app even sims 4 said account was made in 1990 could not load was fckn funny but today 0 issues.

Bobertt566d ago

I think the difference is they don't technically own it they get licensed to make the games so the league can always cancel the contract and give it to someone else it so it's not considered a monopoly.

TheColbertinator566d ago

Any word of compensation or refunds? Or is this "Sorry for taking your money but not sorry"?

SegaSaturn669566d ago

John Madden is dead, people. Time to move on. Blitz the league beckons,.

BlaqMagiq1566d ago

Good. If this chases people away from Madden that's a good thing. EA has an iron grip on the NFL license that NEEDS to be loosened. They know if NFL2K comes back, it will come back strong and take the throne from Madden as it should.


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Madden 23 Franchise Down, Fix On the Way

If you’ve noticed some Madden 23 Franchise leagues are down / unavailable, you’re not alone. EA Madden is aware of the issue and working to get it fixed, but it will require server maintenance.

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Sniperwithacause584d ago

Maybe one day they will fix the franchise mode, so I can play past the second season. Played for one team, then signed with a second team. Now it won't let me play the second season with the team I signed on with. Madden has only been fun while playing random online.


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