Dead Island 2 Allows Players to Customize Card Decks Mid Air

While other games can only allow players to customize their skills while standing or outside danger, Dead Island 2 offers an on-the-fly option.

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isarai86d ago

"Cards" and "Decks" sound like heavy monetization terms for a GAAS game. Please dont 😒

JokerBoy12985d ago

Didn't even know this game had "Card Decks"... Sounds like a hard pass til it's in the bargain bin. I'm not feeding into this micro transaction crap. Especially for a game that's been in development hell as long as this one has been.

REDGUM85d ago

Out of curiosity, did you read the article?
It just sounds like a different way to customise you're character on the fly to me. It certainly doesn't sound like a pay to win MP cash grab to me.

JokerBoy12981d ago

@REDGUM I'm assuming it'll be microtransactions because the game has been in development so long that the studios will need lots of cash to make up for it. Especially if they want to make shareholders happy.

slayernz85d ago

Where in the article or other news piece does it say about monetization or micro transactions? Sounds like u guys are jumping to conclusions here

Crows9085d ago

Yeah you're right. No way games could possibly be monetized with a card system. Pfff

slayernz85d ago

Lol @crows I asked where microtransactions had been stated....there's tonnes of games with card mechanics that don't use monetization. Perhaps next time you could provide more thought and actually contribute to a conversation

porkChop85d ago

What are you talking about? Card decks are fairly common in games these days and are only really monetized in F2P titles. Why are you assuming they'll be microtransactions?

Zombieburger63885d ago

The state of modern gaming comes to mind. I don’t trust publishers, they will always push for mtx.

Duke1985d ago (Edited 85d ago )

lol read the article and in literally the first 20 words they explain what the deck system is. It has nothing to do with GAAS…

Could they? Sure - but right now it’s just a talent selection system

Crows9085d ago

Could they??? So the concern is well placed then.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 81d ago

if they are not seeing what happened to avengers,gotham knight vss games, can keep continue with some shity gaas games and we will not buy it

MeatyUrologist85d ago

Really looking forward to this one, but not sure about the card deck thing. I feel like it kind of removes any strategy and planning if mid strike you can just completely rework your character. Last time they showed it, the game looked phenomenal, but I'm still skeptical. It's been in development for so long i feel like something is going to be off with this one.

frostypants85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

A better idea would be to get rid of the stupid card thing entirely. Nobody actually likes that crap. This stuff only serves to ruin games. It never, ever makes them better. It's especially bad in a survival-style game because it ruins immersion.

SimpleSlave85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

AAA gaming Bay Bay!!! It's all about Customizing your DecK...Even Mid Air?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - Fantastic!!!

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