Tech Firm Omdia Predicts PSVR2 Unit Sales to Hit 1.6M in 2023, With Chance to Reach 10M by 2027

A PSVR2 sales estimate of 1.6 million was forecasted by a games analyst, citing that the headset could sell 10 million units by 2027.

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darkrider80d ago

They need great games horizon and gt launch day. Then a price cut on the next holidays and they need to have supply.

_SilverHawk_80d ago

They dont need any price cut for a while as long as they have high quality games like horizon constantly coming to psvr2. Actual vr fans will buy the device and a ps5 because they'll know quality content for vr is what's lacking on other devices.

MajorLazer80d ago

Of course they need a price cut. Right now it's extremely expensive just to buy a PS5 and a decent TV. Adding in VR takes costs to 1,500+ which is a huge investment. PSVR2 will sell less than the 1 so make of that what you will.

Eonjay80d ago

Of course it will get a price cut but when reality sets in and everyone starts to realize that this is in fact top of the line consumer grade VR - that gonna make the price looks cheap in hindsight. I think the firm's prediction is overly conservative. This will get some form of PC support.. I expect this will drive additional sales.

TheRealHeisenberg80d ago

Oh it definitely will need a price cut if Sony wants this to sell to the masses. If not then Sony will have to lower their sales expectations.

PapaBop80d ago

Non PC VR fans will be looking at Valve, Alyx would go a long way for console gamers. Ultimately though, I think it just needs to be supported for the long term. VR is amazing and Sony are setting themselves up nicely to be a leader in gaming VR, hopefully more and more people will have an interest over time.

SurgicalMenace79d ago

There will always be toys made that are outside of the average price range. This is priced perfectly, seeing that it's only $50 more than PSVR 1. I mean, when a price drop arrives, that'll be prime time for some to get it, but right now, leave the price where it is.

79d ago
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Orchard80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

They need more than great games, they need a miracle and a huge shift in mindset - the majority of gamers just aren't interested in VR and the format/medium. If Half-Life Alyx can't get everyone into VR, Horizon and GT definitely can't.

As for supply, PSVR2 is readily available.

mkis00780d ago

You would have said the same thing about color tv vs black and white...considering the shift in perception is that big.

Orchard80d ago

Bit different. The format of TV didn't change - people sat on their couch and watched a box in front of them, the only difference is whether the box displayed color or not.

VR is a completely different format of gaming, one that a lot of people aren't comfortable with.

S2Killinit80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Oh Horizon will blow minds in VR! Cant wait. The fact that xbox doesnt have VR is yet another nail in its coffin. Just like last generation.

If we get Half-Life Alyx man oh man.

Then there is Silent Hill…

generic-user-name80d ago

"If Half-Life Alyx can't get everyone into VR, Horizon and GT definitely can't."

HZD sold 20m+
GT as a series has sold 90m units

What has Half Life sold?

Orchard80d ago (Edited 80d ago )


You mean mainline entries of those franchises sold that much. Obviously, the VR editions will sell nowhere near that, PSVR2 won't even sell 20 million. Half-life is a far bigger, more well-known franchise than Horizon and GT.

@S2 Nail in what coffin? Only about 4% of PlayStation gamers care about VR. It could disappear tomorrow and 96% of PS gamers wouldn't even notice or care.

darkrider80d ago

Usual answer.... The majority of gamers just aren't interested...

MajorLazer80d ago

Errrr, the entire Half Life series has sold less than 20 million. No way in hell is Half Life bigger than Gran Turismo. When people think of racing games, Gran Turismo is the first name people think. Half Life is well known among 'core' gamers but overall it's fame pales in comparison to GT.

shinoff218379d ago

Orchard I think its more the majority of gamers haven't been exposed to vr. Word of mouth will take time. Vr is pretty damn dope. For people that have tried it you know what I mean.

Orchard I put money on if ms announced vr tomorrow you'd be on it like white on rice. No bs

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excaliburps80d ago

Supply is key when it launches. I'm sure it will sell out given the supply constraints. I got mine pre-ordered and excited for it. :D

Orchard80d ago

It's not selling out thus far though - and you'd assume given the issues we saw with the next-gen consoles at launch, that anyone who wants one and has the money to afford it would've preordered.

Dfooster80d ago

I think they've made a mistake not having GT ready for launch as that would be a huge system seller

shinoff218379d ago

Not sure it's a mistake. If it ain't ready it ain't ready no need to rush a broken product

z2g80d ago

That’s an extremely optimistic outlook.

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Orchard80d ago

So it's going to sell LESS than the last one during its first 12 months? That's never a good sign.

And Omdia are also saying that's a very bullish estimate, so it could be less.

CrimsonWing6980d ago

How much does it need to sell to be considered a success?

Vits80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

I mean the Quest 2 sold allegedly 15M and you will still find people that consider it a failure. As in the game market that is just a bit better than the Wii U. So yeah, unless the PSVR2 completely changes the landscape of VR, some will still consider it a failure and given that it's an accessory that needs the PS5 to function I would say that the chances of it doing that are very slim.

Sonic188179d ago (Edited 79d ago )

It'll probably sell more than the Xbox Kinect but time will tell. Still a niche product I'm my opinion. Hopefully, it sells well.

Nacho_Z79d ago

Are you aware that you aggressively downplaying PSVR2 isn't going to affect anything whatsoever? You aren't taken seriously and even if you were it'd be a complete waste of time.

Knushwood Butt80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Curious if I'll be able to pick one up off a store shelf.

Waiting to see what Polyphony have to say on the subject of PSVR2.

Orchard80d ago

Which country are you in?

If you're in the US, UK or Europe, it's in stock on PS Direct for those countries. They have the standalone one and the Horizon bundle.

sparky7780d ago

Sounds about right but I see around 5ml lifetime.

The recession and PS5 requirement will ensure it sells well below PSVR1, hopefully Sony drops support quick and moves on.

S2Killinit80d ago

Oh hell no. Loved the PSVR, and that was underpowered.

PSVR2 has leading tech, w eye tracking and foveated rendering giving flat games a run for their money.

It will blow minds, and thats too sweet to miss out on.

ApocalypseShadow80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

All Omdia did was basically split in half their previous prediction for 2 years. So, it's not even a new prediction. They predicted 3.6 million in 2 years basing it on PSVR sales. PS VR 2 is not the same tech or the same quality of PSVR. Everything is much higher from the controller to the headset to the games. When the hands on gets rolling from gamers buying it, things are going to look rather interesting.

If it sells over 1.7 million in the first 2 months, 1 million in the first month, then throw all the predictions from Omdia out the window. It's interesting they weren't around predicting other releases, but now want to predict Sony's headset. Another analyst over predicted PSVR in 2016. And this one is under predicting for the new one. They just don't know at all what it will sell.

I say based on anticipation that it will sell a million first month.

Orchard80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

"PS VR 2 is not the same tech or the same quality of PSVR. Everything is much higher from the controller to the headset to the games."

You can't look at that alone though, yes it is new tech with new games when compared to PSVR1, but it's also more expensive - and most importantly, we're in a far, far worse economic situation than we were in 2016/17.

Omdia's prediction seems more accurate than yours. To suggest this will sell 1m a month and sustain that (or near that) beyond launch is near laughable - that would mean the PSVR2 would consistently be selling more than the PS5 ever month.

I expect we'll see a big peak at launch, say 500k-1m, and then it'll be small numbers per month for the remainder of the year, getting us to that 1.6/1.7m mark.

ApocalypseShadow80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

First, let's handle your lies. You say Sony hasn't sold out of their pre-orders. Acting like you KNOW how many they are producing. Tells us orchard, how many has Sony pre-ordered? How many did they make for launch? You don't know squat.

You still didn't tell me what VR game you made from a previous article that obviously failed and why you're so hard up on Sony not delivering but are so gung ho with Microsoft game pass and subscriptions. When are you going to tell me what it was because you're a developer? Because you play on PS5 right? Such a PlayStation fan right?

I didn't say sustain. I said sell a million first month. You somehow read that I said they will sell a million a month. Show me where I said it?

Where was Omdia when PSVR came out? Why are they predicting now? Where's their predictions on Pico? Where's their predictions on Quest Pro? They seem to have something to say when it comes to Sony only. Why is that? Are they trying to manipulate the market like Patcher does? Are they trying to downplay Sony before they even release? No one else is predicting. Just them. That's suspicious.

Yeah. "They need a miracle." Says orchard. The PlayStation fan."Gamers just aren't interested in VR" says orchard.

Most haven't tried it to know if they would enjoy it. You have to actually put on a headset to know. No. They don't need miracles. Just do what they have always done. Make great hardware that gets good software. They don't need to sell a billion to succeed.

Orchard80d ago

"First, let's handle your lies. You say Sony hasn't sold out of their pre-orders. "

Is it available to pre-order w/ arrival in the launch week? If so, it's not sold out 🤷

It'll sell 1 mil in the first year yeah. around 1.5 to 2 mil for the first 12 months on the market sounds feasible. I agree with them that it'll likely Y1 perform worse than PSVR1.

S2Killinit80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

More expensive by $50 (in this economy)

New industry tech

Foveated rendering

Eye tracking

Proper controllers.

Its going to be sweeet

Orchard80d ago

@S2 That's a good list, and it may be sweet.

But this article is about sales, and none of those suggest a large increase in sales - especially in this economy.

Also, the true price gap is more than $50. The MSRP difference is $50, but everyone's money is worth less today than it was in 2016 due to inflation. Gasoline, food, energy etc. all cost more, while people earn the same dollar amount (if they even still have their job).

ApocalypseShadow79d ago

And as we can clearly see, again, you hide from the very simple questions I asked of you. But have everything to say about PS VR 2 and VR.

Everyone reads right through you. You're not fooling anybody.

Orchard79d ago


You didn’t answer my simple question either.

How can something be “sold out” and simultaneously available to buy with day 1 shipping?

Schrodingers console accessories lol.

shinoff218379d ago (Edited 79d ago )


You skipped a big portion of apocalypseshadow comment.

In the u.s. which it sounds like you live pay has went up for millions of Americans in the last few years to present. Job reports show very low unemployment. 3.7 I believe I seen 2 days ago. I think you just spout off nonsense when your backed in.

ApocalypseShadow79d ago (Edited 79d ago )


Interview with SIE Hideaki Nishino...

――In that case, I'm worried about the production number of PS VR2...?

**Nishino We ran out of numbers when PS5 was launched, so this time we are proceeding with production so that we can meet the numbers that we think are necessary. After all, I think that resale will occur due to the lack of numbers, and I think that situation is unhealthy, so I would like to start by aligning the numbers.**

So, Sony is just manufacturing to meet the need. They saw what happened with PS5 and don't want that to continue to happen. Read the article. There isn't a set limit by your ridiculous standards. They want to minimize resales by making as many as they can. That's why it's still being offered to pre-order. They want gamers to get one instead of seeing them resold on places like eBay because they supposedly sold out from not making enough. You and the rest of the naysayers have just ate crow.

Now... Since I proved your nonsense wrong and made you out to be a lier because you seem to know what numbers they have and saying they are not selling. When actually, they are continuing to make them..

tell me the answers to my questions developer man. Or are you going to deflect and run away some more?

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