Silent Hill: The Short Message Official Artwork and Story Synopsis Leaked

Silent Hill: The Short Message has received an update on the Taiwan Rating Board website with a story synopsis as well as the official artwork.

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S2Killinit91d ago

Wow this will be big. I wonder if it could be a PSVR2 launch title? That would be too soon though. Unless theyve kept development secret.

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traqueia91d ago

LOL have you guys noticed that the lock of hair goes THROUGH the lenses in the right side of the pic?

jznrpg91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

It looks like there no lenses and she is just wearing frames purposely or maybe just that side . Yeah just that side is missing lens it seems

S2Killinit90d ago

Yeah it looks that way. I wonder if we are playing as this character

DOMination-90d ago

lol.. looks about the right kind of quality for a PS5 game !

InUrFoxHole90d ago

It's a bummer sony paid to keep the SH remake off of xbox. Looking forward to this.