The Simpson's Hit & Run Needs a Sequel, Not A Remake

DualShockers Writes "The time has come for The Simpson's Hit & Run 2, here's why..."

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jambola149d ago

I kinda hate this whole "it needs this, not this" stuff
y'know more than one thing can be done? it's not like the simpsons has a law about 1 game per generation

banger88149d ago

Make a sequel and include a remaster of the original with it, problem solved.

-Foxtrot149d ago

Nah. Remake first

Seeing it expanded upon, bigger, all the maps joint together, more skins and vehicles from the newer Simpson seasons which have came out would be fantastic

If they do a sequel they can improve on the map and again expand while also including Shelbyville

chicken_in_the_corn149d ago

This is what I've always thought. They could do so much more with a new game. I'll never understand why gamers want to buy old games repeatedly instead of new ones.

jambola149d ago

Have you seen a single person say "I want a remake and nothing else, please remake but no sequel" ?

jwillj2k4148d ago

Literally 1 post above this one lol

jambola148d ago

1 post above this is someone saying "remake first"
it's literally the first thing?

chicken_in_the_corn148d ago

I've seen a lot of people say it about a lot of different games. It's very common.

Yi-Long148d ago

Probably because a lot of folks don't trust current devs to do a certain game/series justice.

If EA announces a new SSX game right now, I'd be skeptical. Because current-day EA seems pretty clueless about what fans of SSX want.

If they'd announce a straightforward remake of SSX3, I'd be hopeful and delighted. Because that game was, and still is, pure gold.

jambola148d ago

You're trying to tell me it's very common to see people specifially ask for remakes, and mention that they don't want any more? like specifically to want them not to make more?

Orchard149d ago

This is an article where the "Why not both?" reply applies.

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