The Last Worker Dev: It's Now Easier to Port Non-PSVR Games to PSVR2 Due to Control Standards

Thanks to recent hardware control standards, it's easy for developers to port non-PSVR games to the PSVR2, according to a dev of "The Last Worker."

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ApocalypseShadow80d ago

This is good. Those in the know with VR were aware that some games didn't come to PSVR because it lacked the controls needed and some developers didn't want to work around the Moves in cross platform games. Other developers did step up and made DS4 support, made Aim support work and were able to make the Moves work in many games including full motion movement.

Skyrim works great with Moves. It's not perfect. But using motion control for movement like an analog stick was brilliant. Sairento works great in motion and feels like you're holding actual bladed weapon hilts. Camouflaj made 360 degree movement tracking work in Iron Man. Basically embarrassing other developers in thought process and innovative creativity. Not perfect. But it worked and felt great flying with the Moves and using the triggers.

Dual Sense gives industry standard controls that makes porting to Sony's platform a no brainer. It's why there are so many games announced and it hasn't even released yet. While one upping the industry with features that will give PS VR 2 just that much more immersion over other controllers and headsets. Giving reason why you would consider buying and playing games on Sony's platform over others.

Sony thought out PS VR 2 well. It's where the REAL "high fidelity VR" will come on consoles.