Silent Hill: The Short Message Rated In Taiwan Exclusively For PS5

Silent Hill: The Short Message has been rated in Taiwan for the PS5. The game was previously rated in Korea as well. The game appears to have been rated PG-15 in Taiwan with the mention of Violence, Horror, and Inappropriate language.

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Echone191d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I guess it's a shorter PSVR2 game? Maybe at CES 2023?

S2Killinit91d ago

Ohhh I would LOVE a VR silent hill! Shit that would take it to the next level.

camel_toad91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Silent Hill enemies are already so creepy without VR. You aren't kidding about next level shit.

Oooo it'd be great.

Knushwood Butt91d ago

Yeah, Silent Hill 1 to 3 in VR!

Would take away from the player character in first person though, Hmmm.

SullysCigar91d ago

I said the same after the Silent Hill event. I really hope so, because SH would be awesome in VR.

Also, looking at the comments below accusing Sony of keeping things off of Xbox, it would e a classic if I was a VR game. Can't blame that one on Sony, so I look forward to that same energy being directed at Phil for cutting his loyalist gamers out of the loop...

jznrpg91d ago

So many games coming I need more time for my PS5 .

z2g91d ago

Yup cuz Sony, the great worrier of making sure gamers have access to games, has blocked it from being released on Xbox - which was recently confirmed as fact.

Thundercat7791d ago

Silent Hill games doesn't sell well on Xbox. That's a fact.

91d ago
1Victor91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

@ smoll well there’s 3 possible outcomes
1 Microsoft purchase gets denied

2 Microsoft purchase gets approved no strings attached

3 Microsoft purchase get approved but they get a clause to keep all activision current 3rd party franchise as is non exclusive to their products.

Pick whatever you want but there’s a one in three or more chances that Microsoft isn’t going to get it’s cake and eat it wholeheartedly, then we will see who’s going to be in tears 🤣

I already have psvr2 reserved and if this game looks as good as it sound I’ll get it after finishing the horizon game/experience (edited for typos)

lelo2play91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

If it doesn't sell on Xbox, why make it exclusive? Why are Sony spending money to make it exclusive?

According to your brainless logic, even if the game wasn't exclusive it wouldn't sell on the Xbox. Sony must love throwing away money on exclusives they don't need.

wiz719191d ago

@Thundercat can you source that fact ?? Or is that just an opinion .. When was the last Silent Hill game that wasn’t a HD port of older game’s released ?? That sold poorly on XBOX ?? Lol I believe there’s none .. or are you talking about the PT demo that was exclusive to PlayStation ??

ReadyPlayer2291d ago

Keep moving those goalposts fanboys

tay870191d ago

@lelo because it's yet another exclusive you can't play on xbox. It's not too late to make the switch to ps5, they have FAR superior studios, much better exclusives both 1st and 3rd party. some people are crying about this, but it's going to be a lot worse when MGS remake officially gets it's reveal.

tay870191d ago

@wiz, no they cant afford activision,, but you are lying to yourself about not being able to buy a big publisher. How salty are you going to be when this deal closes and Sony aquires capcom. I can see them acquiring both capcom and square Enix. They may not be able to afford Activision or even EA, but those publishers games are mid at best. Give me capcom and square over Activision all day.

purple10191d ago

most games dont sell well on xbox

Minute Man 72191d ago


MGS remake probably multiplat

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crazyCoconuts91d ago

Sony never claimed it's goal was to make gamers across platforms have access to their exclusive games. That's MS's line. Sony and Nintendo don't lie about it- exclusives are important to their platform

Pissmaster91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

High on life much? Of course, according to fanboys, the pendulum only swings one way. Sorry, both companies secure third party exclusives. Go cry us a river somewhere else.

generic-user-name91d ago

"When everyone plays, we all win"

-Phil Spencer, while cancelling the development of Starfield for PS5.

wiz719191d ago

Just like how Sony funds games that doesn’t appear on Xbox consoles , FINAL FANTASY RMAKE rings bells and Forspoken .. it goes both ways , but Sony only fans going to move that goal post again.

Shadowsteal91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I like how you're trying to take a jab at Sony as if Microsoft hasn't been on a purchasing rampage for the past 5 years in order to do exactly what you're accusing Sony of doing - blocking games from releasing on their competitor's platform.

It's almost as if Playstation is making deals to counter-act Microsoft moves.

I believe that's the definition of competition.

Eonjay91d ago

There is a rumor that this is a VR game. It can't even be played on Xbox. Please sit down.

S2Killinit91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

At least Playstation are making deals on individual games (that often they are helping fund/develop in the first place) not BUYING UP ENTIRE publishing house to keep games away from others that everyone would have enjoyed anyway. Idiotic comment.

wiz719191d ago

@S2 Sony couldn’t afford Activison/Blizzard if they wanted to .. they can’t afford any big publisher that’s the only reason they’re not buying them lol it’s not a they won’t situation it’s a they can’t situation ..

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repsahj91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

I think it's time for me to invest to PSVR2 when it comes out. Imagine playing this silent hill with it. It will be crazily awesome!

rlow191d ago

Here we go again. Another locked down exclusive from the leader in the game industry….Sony. Sure they don’t buy publisher but lock out access of some of the biggest titles.
Of course as soon as they do something negative then people start defending them. Same people that regularly bash Xbox and make excuses for Sony.

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Pissmaster91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

"Here we go again. Another locked down exclusive from the leader in the game industry"

Ah here we go again, MS buying another ENTIRE publisher which has traditionally always been multiplatform. Dat ok of course.

Trillion dollar MS is the victim boo hoo. O, and high on life much? Yes, it's only Sony that buys third party exclusivity mmm. Ryse? Mass effect? Bioshock? Dead Rising? Quantum Break? Sunset Overdrive? I can go on. Mmm Sony bad

91d ago
1Victor91d ago

Smoll “the clowns at sony actually they fan outbid xbox hehe.”
When was the last time a Microsoft studio released a quality game even their flagship title (halo) got delayed for a year to come out incomplete missing features that been day one since the franchise started 🤷🏿 🤦🏿.
More money doesn’t mean higher quality a Ferrari without wheels isn’t better than a bicycles

rlow191d ago

Mass effect came to the PS3 by the second game. Bioshock also came to the PlayStation. Ryse, Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive, Dead Rising were all funded by MS and were new IPs not existing Franchises that have been on both consoles for years. Mmm.

wiz719191d ago

@Pissmaster lol Sony been doing that long before Xbox was a thing .. Sony fans must don’t check history lol 3 of their biggest studios at one point was third party or second party who made games for all three companies. Insomniac , GG , and Bungie .. Naughty Dog wasn’t even always owned by Sony , look up JAM Studios lol .. GG made Shellshock Nam which appeared on the GC , XBOX , and PS2 ….

Pissmaster90d ago (Edited 90d ago )


"Mass effect came to the PS3 by the second game." - Doesnt change the fact that microsoft also does third party timed exclusivity- you know, the thing people bash Sony for. Except, you dont see Sony trying to buyout publishers in addition to 3rd party exclusivity.

Bioshock also came to playstation - Doesnt change the fact that microsoft alsomade this a timed exclusive, you know, the thing Sony gets bashed for. Both companies do this.

"Ryse, QB, dead Rising were all funded by MS" - Yea, that's what happens with 3rd party exclusives. I know. Im pointing out MS does it too.

Pissmaster90d ago (Edited 90d ago )


"lol Sony been doing that long before Xbox was a thing .." - Like what? Like buying out massive third party publishers with established multiplat IP? Uh huh, sure they have.

"Sony fans must don’t check history lol 3 of their biggest studios at one point was third party or second party who made games for all three companies. Insomniac , GG , and Bungie .."

I cant believe i have to explain to you the difference in buying out a publisher vs a developer like Insomniac GG or bungie. And also, your comment around the purchase of those devs by Sony is so hilariously wrong and off the mark, i actually feel sorry for you.

At least you tried your best.

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1Victor91d ago

@rlow don’t worry it will come to Xbox too after the timed exclusive end unlike starfield

rlow191d ago

You are possibly correct on that. But my point was more about the FTC case and the hypocrisy of Sony on it. They both compete and buy game developers and sadly their’s an arms race going on right now for content. I don’t believe either one of them (Sony,MS) is done.

ironmonkey91d ago

That's because Ms isn't doing anything period. Won't even buy a timed exclusive let alone make an exclusive. Everything is just online videos and court cases. Enjoy.

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