Kingdom Hearts 3 Mod Adds Sora's Moveset From Kingdom Hearts 2

When it comes to Kingdom Hearts 3, it's not unfair to say it was a bit of a let down for a lot of people - the base version at the very least. A lot of that was down to the combat, which simplified things a bit too much and completely did away with popular features from Kingdom Hearts 2 like reaction commands. However, if you want to experience the combat of Kingdom Hearts 2 with the polish of Kingdom Hearts 3, there's now a mod that will let you do just that.

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Immagaiden93d ago

I was hoping Square Enix would implement a combat as in depth and intricate as KH2’s in FFXV or KH3

I’m still waiting. FFXVI may finally do so

mastershredder92d ago

“polish of Kingdom Hearts 3”

Polish…. From game who’s true challenge is not to cringe (impossible).