PlayStation Plus’ free games for 2022: The most value for the least cost

PlayStation Plus Essential — known as the Instant Game Collection before June — comprised 37 titles in 2022, with an average Metacritic score of 78 and a combined retail price of $1,304.63 (prices taken from the PlayStation Store at publication time of this analysis).

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Orchard83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I agree. I have the same dilemma. There's basically no reason for me to upgrade at this time. The base tier is still offering the same high-quality titles that it offered before the subscription remodel, and the higher tiers are still lacking games & getting few additions.

Plus, in a world where emulators are readily available & a lot of the times better than the official solution - I'm not paying a subscription for back compat.

Will the quality of the games remain consistent? Time will tell.

Outside_ofthe_Box83d ago

"It still adds up to a curious juxtaposition: Sony drives the most value through the lowest tier of its subscription service, while Xbox saves everything for its highest. That may be bad news for SIE’s executives in Tokyo and San Mateo, but it’s great for their customers, at least"

Very pro consumer

Orchard83d ago

There's no doubt that PS+ essentials is 10x better than XBL Gold.

However, the reality is, Xbox Game Pass is 10x better than the premium tiers of PS+. Not even close in terms of consumer value, one includes $60-70 games day 1, the other doesn't.

So yes, giving people a subscription option instead of requiring them to pay $70 a pop is pro consumer.

Knushwood Butt83d ago

Metacritic listed CrossfireX as the second-worst game of 2022.

crazyCoconuts82d ago

PS Extra upgrade: $40/year
GamePass upgrade: $120/year

Should we really be comparing the two? If so, we should consider how much a customer pays when discussing value.

Christopher82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

***However, the reality is, Xbox Game Pass is 10x better than the premium tiers of PS+. ***

Maybe if you're at all interested in the very few day one releases and nothing else, otherwise no way is this statement true. Maybe if Xbox was putting out at least one worthwhile game a month, but it's very niche offerings and the same mix of games available everywhere for dirt cheap or on competing services. You truly have to be invested in the ecosystem to see it as that strong of a value right now. Otherwise the competition is cheaper and offers more games and better overall monthly offerings for people who are invested in one ecosystem or another.

***So yes, giving people a subscription option instead of requiring them to pay $70 a pop is pro consumer. ***

Might help if Xbox started putting out $70 worthy games.

Mr_Writer8582d ago

"one includes $60-70 games day 1, the other doesn't."

How many released in 2022? If there was 5/6 new titles a year sure.

But value is subjective, and bare in mind the £70 is to own the game not rent it, which is essentially what you're doing with Game Pass.

MrBeatdown82d ago

"one includes $60-70 games day 1, the other doesn't."

Here's a list of all the $60 to $70 games I got with Game Pass this year...

sparky7782d ago

You guys do realize with Game Pass you get Day 1 games from 3rd parties are well right? That alone makes it magnitudes better than PS+.

Asplundh82d ago

You're paying $40 on top of $60 for PS+ and that's $100 a year to access Playstations catalog of games, not $40. It's still cheaper than GP if you're not considering that GP is offered at a discount frequently.

$60 PS+
$100 PS+ Extra
$120 PS+ Premium

$60 Xbox Gold
$120 GP
$180 GP Ultimate

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Crows9082d ago

Nope. There is no question that ps + is better. But ps extra is also better since it is far cheaper and still offers higher quality titles overall than gamepass. The day 1 is a result of lots of cash to spend and make their service seem more appealing. Day 1 is irrelevant if the games are mediocre.

andy8582d ago (Edited 82d ago )

I don't think it is to be honest? Extra is outstanding value. I think there's something like 500 games and it cost me about £4.50 a month over the year and it's only getting better every month. I'm a Gamepass fan but isn't there much less games and less high qualty ones? Obviously there's a few day one games but it's over double the price (yes I'm aware you can do exploits to get it cheap but I mean the listed price)

purple10182d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Mate at this point even essential ps+ is better than gamepass. Don't kid yourselves.

There's only so long you can play Forza gears halo & outriders. :)

purple10182d ago

Someone do a list of eveything they gave away in 202w (for the princely sum of $49.99 I might add) and people will see what's what

MaximusPrime_82d ago

Like it or not, I'm happy with PS Plus so far. I'm a casual gamer so...

Different gamer has different views.

ocelot0782d ago

Ps+ extra is in my opinion the best subscription available for gamers in my opinion when it comes to value. I paid £63 for 12 months. That gets me access to online mp, over 600 games with more being added each month.

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