CVG: Live Arcade 2009 - 2009's five biggest Xbox Live games

CVG writes: "ere we are then, our five tips for what we reckon will be the best Xbox Live games of 2009. It's just around the corner...


The amusingly named lead designer of Fez, Phil Fish, thinks Super Paper Mario is 'terrible'. He's right, too. Sure, you could flip from 2D to 3D in the Wii's latest Paper Mario game, but it had only a minimal effect on how the game actually proceeds. On the other hand, the indie team from Quebec still working on the award-winning Fez, Kokoromi, are putting elbow grease into a puzzle-platformer which centres around 3D space in the same way Braid was built around the manipulation of time."

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Cajun Chicken4205d ago

This clearly forgets to mention 'The Maw', so my money is on 'The Maw' and 'Fez'.