Bioshock for PS3: Rumor Debunked

Official Playstation Magazine UK originally reported in its March issue that the previously exclusive Xbox 360 shooter, Bioshock, was "set to makes waves on PS3." They had no basis for this rumor, but it spread like wildfire regardless.

However, 2K recently reconfirmed that Bioshock was indeed still Xbox 360 and PC exclusive. 2K stated that OPM UK is referring to one of their old press release from May at E3 2006, when they didn't provide specific platforms Bioshock would appear on.

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SuperSaiyan44899d ago

Have a look at the link and see what 1 particular fool has to say about the 360 what a MORON! Delusioned fools like him make me laugh soo much I am extremely happy that the 360 has the better games and better support along with better everything not to mention a far more advanced GPU!

True Gamer4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

Just another fanboy.

2 bubbles down
3 to go.

MaximusPrime4899d ago

I know SuperSaiyan4. He was a member of UK's Playstation Forum. He annoys everyone including me.

He just never leaves us alone.

(Yes i know you know me)

peksi4899d ago

Such a (already) legendary game should be multiplatform.

ACE4899d ago

they have done this before saying this game is gona be on the ps3 only then its multiplatform i think the game was army of two they said it would b only on ps3 . not good at all considering its the Official Playstation Magazine , tut!! tut!! very bad

bizzy124899d ago

a while back at on of them gaming shows it was allready said that it wasent coming to ps3 becouse it was esclusive to xbox and pc if it wasent he wouldend said that plus this game if it good its gonna sell some more 360 why bring it over to sony side thats like saying mass effect was coming to the ps3 then people who want new game to play wont buy a 360 but a ps3

Havince4899d ago

so they have 2 make things up about decent 360 games being on the ps3 when it isnt even confirmed

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The story is too old to be commented.