Tales Of Arise Was Not Originally Going To Be A Tales Game

There was apparently a brand new intellectual property in the works.

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SeTTriP88d ago

This is one of the best of the year incredible game from start to finish

gurp88d ago

I agree, I loved Tales of Arise

GoodGuy0988d ago

Tales is kind of at an odd spot. Arise was a good game but not what tales needs to make a comeback. Bandai should just remake the old games to get it in their thick skulls and remember what made tales so special back then. These games just feel like mediocre generic rpgs now since after graces, I do not remember much of arise at all lol. I also hate so much how bland the character designs have been since as well.

It's sad since tales was known as one of the best jrpgs franchises out there. Please Bandai...just remake an old game and keep the combat the same as those old games...

jwillj2k488d ago (Edited 88d ago )

This game is trash. It’s a hollow repetitive chaotic mess and you never build a connection with the shallow characters even though there’s an endless amount of chatter. The plot had a good setup but never delivered.

andy8588d ago

This is actually the first bad comment I've seen about this game. It was a near masterpiece for me and given the reviews. Everyone else too

blackblades87d ago

Indeed I seen them in another topic with some bull.

jwillj2k487d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Not trolling on this one. I actually spent about 70 or so hours on this game hoping they would add some depth to the character development. The game is garbage. I’ve played other Tales games that deserve more praise than this one by far.

jwillj2k487d ago

On top of this the enemies are nothing but a bunch of sponges and tanks. The series should be renamed to “Tanks of”

jznrpg87d ago

I enjoyed it . Not my favorite Tales game but it was a good entry

repsahj87d ago

We are a bit the same, I also enjoyed it but I think this is one of the weakest in the entry. Yes it has the best graphics, but overall not as great as the previous tales.

franwex87d ago

I just got this on a sale for Xbox. Look forward to playing it soon. Hopefully it’s better than Scarlet Nexus. That game was not that good (of course I beat 100% for some reason).

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