Marvel's Spider-Man Is Still The Best Batman: Arkham Successor

Gotham Knights attempts to follow up the beloved Batman: Arkham franchise, but Marvel’s Spider-Man is a much more effective successor series.

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isarai83d ago

Tf are you talking about? Nearly every aspect of the game was built off the Spider-Man 2 ps2/xbox game including the combat, not Arkham

gangsta_red83d ago

I really don't understand how anyone could not see that the glaring similarities

isarai83d ago

Read the article bro, the dev says "in regards to how it handles its characters" the journalist is the one that talks about gameplay not the dev.

Outside_ofthe_Box83d ago

Arkham series set the foundation for all future licensed superhero games going forward. No longer will quick movie-tie-ins be accepted. Rocksteady is legendary for that.

RaveTears83d ago

James Gunn just recently said that DC games are pretty much going to be tie-in to TV/Movie.

blackblades82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Who dat, we should tell him to F off and get ready for 3/10 scores.
Googled: Oh that guy, DC is dying with all the shake up, lol Harley Quinn musical

WeAreLegion83d ago

Web of Shadows had an excellent combat system. The game obviously wasn't polished, but that combat was fire.

ZeekQuattro82d ago

Yeah it did. Shame its planned sequel was axed.

StarkR3ality82d ago

Some of the best superhero media ever, never mind games. Both 2 of the best franchises in gaming.

Just a shame only one of them is currently still going. Would love a new batman Arkham game on current gen considering how good Knight still looks to this day. Would be amazing.

Notsofast82d ago

even though spider man does take somethings from batman its not as much as some people might think for one spider man 2 and the amazing spider man games were all similar to marvels spiderman its just that when games get to old people forget them so batman actually is also copying spiderman

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