Death Stranding is Free on Epic Games Store for the Next 24 Hours

Death Stranding is now available to all Epic Games Store members with no price tags attached.

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MadLad86d ago

I'm not big on the game. Tried getting into it after getting it for cheap when Redbox was stopping handling games a few years back.
But a free game is a free game. Gives me a reason to give it another shot at some point.

SonyStyled85d ago

It’s been on PC game pass if you have ultimate

MadLad85d ago

Honestly, I hadn't noticed. Thanks for the tip. I'll still grab it through Epic, being I know it will eventually be taken off.

Not sure why I missed that one.

spoonard85d ago

This is actually free though, i'm not renting it monthly.

lelo2play85d ago

Free is still too expensive for this game.

GoodGuy0986d ago

And I just bought the game a month ago too lol.

masterfox86d ago

wow that's actually a very nice offering , just added to my game library, thanks for the heads up of this article and thanks Epic as well :D

blackblades85d ago

Go to CAG or SD they'll let you know of all the free games. My epic store has a really full library with there free games. Just need a steam deck to play them.

Double_O_Revan85d ago

Same. Thanks to all their free games offerings, I have more game in my Epic library than Steam.

crazyCoconuts85d ago

I thought for sure the gravy train would have been over by now for free epic games. Can't believe it's still going and they're still giving away great games!

MadLad85d ago

It's really the only thing bringing eyes to the storefront, outside of Fortnite.

porkChop85d ago

Weird. It was the Director's Cut at first, then they changed it to the standard edition. Still it's cool for anyone who hasn't played it before.

ocelot0785d ago

Have they changed to the standard now? I claimed it about 4 hours ago and it was the director cut.

lonewolf1085d ago

Claimed mine an hour ago and it's standard, can upgrade to DC for £5 ish, so not bad.

porkChop85d ago

I tried to get the Director's Cut but the site was crashing. I went back a couple hours later and it was already changed.

FinalFantasyFanatic85d ago

I remember claiming it as the Director's Cut as well, but when I looked at my library it's the regular version even though I claimed it minutes after it went live, weird. I have the Director's Cut version on Steam anyway.

ocelot0785d ago

I have two death strandings on my epic list. Standard edition and then next to it is add ons.

FinalFantasyFanatic84d ago

Is the add ons the definitive edition parts? Because I have that in my Epic list too.

OMGitzThatGuy85d ago

Just paid $22 for directors cut 2 weeks ago smh, hope cuts version is worth it.

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The story is too old to be commented.