High on Life Xbox Series X Review - Simply Addictive I The Koalition

Adam Vale of The Koalition writes: When it comes to the type of gaming experiences the majority of players look for, it usually comes down to 2 groups. The first group looks for AAA titles and the second group looks to discover the next great indie game that will demand the attention of the gaming community. High on Life falls in neither category and instead has the player asking WTF am I playing…and why can’t I stop laughing?

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rbailey88d ago

A fun game worth checking out for those who enjoy Justin Roiland's brand of comedy.

ToddlerBrain88d ago

This is a great game, however, I prefer mature rated games reviewed by someone old enough to m, at least, buy a beer.

Inverno88d ago

Game reviewers don't drink beer, hurts their soft bellies