Bringing Call of Duty to Switch Could Hold the Franchise Back

To get its Activision acquisition through, Microsoft has promised that Call of Duty will come to the Switch, but that might hold the IP back.

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GotGame81894d ago

No, it won't. Microsoft said "in the next couple of years". By then Switch will have a successor. COD could run on Switch 2 at lower resolutions, lower assets, etc. It isn't going to hold anything back, accept itself.

Sciurus_vulgaris94d ago

The current Switch could run a version of Call of Duty Mobile without issue.

_SilverHawk_93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

The ps4 and Xbox one are holding cod mw2 back now. Can the switches successor be able to run the next cod if it's only on next gen consoles only and pc? I don't understand people wanting to downgrade games to the point where the developers vision is drastically compromised.

Nintendos gaming systems are always generations behind and certain games shouldn't be severely compromised just so some can play them. Look at games like the witcher 3, doom and a lot of other games that are on the switch that performs poorly and looks like rubbish. I know the next nintendo console will be very underpowered and the next cod game shouldn't be downgraded to be on it. If some people would like to play the game then they should get proper hardware that can handle it.

Orchard94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

It won’t really though. It didn’t hold back the mainline series back when they were doing versions for Wii.

If a reduced res/visuals/framerate version isn’t an option, they will just be very cut down, different experiences that share name and setting and nothing else.

GoodGuy0994d ago

COD has been held back for a couple of generations now...

Terry_B93d ago

Isnt Call of Duty the Fifa of first-person shooters anyway?

CorndogBurglar93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Modern Warfare 2 is actually pretty great. It's the first CoD I've played in over 10 years and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Mainly because Warzone 2.0 is fun, and Ground War is the best version of a Battlefield game that we've gotten since Battlefield 4.


Nope. Modern Warfare 2 is actually phenomenal....this coming from a traditionally single player gamer. I was online with a friend until 1AM yesterday

purple10193d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Pretty much. But I'd say they do. Abetter job than FIFA. There is a new campaign albeit short and new multiplayer maps each year. So...

But FIFA has less to work with. Football is football after all.

Even though people have been screaming for a 5v5 and trick mode a la nba' street style games from ps2 days.

Talking of which. I'd kill for a ssx snowboarding game with a decent soundtrack to boot. Could be epic with dualsense controller feeling lumps in the snow etc.

tbagmonster93d ago

not if its a streaming version

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