Gran Turismo 7 Won't Come To PC According To Series Producer

Gran Turismo 7 has been in the headlines due to the game being hinted at for PC but that is not going to happen, at least not anytime soon.

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Orchard98d ago

We’ve heard that one before. It’ll come as soon as their engine supports it, if it doesn’t already.

Number1TailzFan98d ago

Tbh I find sim games boring, like MS flight simulator, looks great but I'd probably play for like 10 mins and that would be it for me. Nothing of value lost to me anyways

Orchard98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I wouldn’t put “sim” racing games like GT and Forza in the same bucket as FS though.

GT isn’t even a real racing sim, it’s too arcadey to fall into that bucket, there are far more sim-like games out there.

Racing is more fun than sim flying realistic jets IMO - give it a go if you haven’t already :)

Knushwood Butt97d ago

@ Orchard

I'm willing to bet you've never played GT Sport or GT7, or have any clue about what would make the game more or less sim-like.

I do however remember you making multiple posts about 'egregious microtransactions' though, yet here you are in a thread about GT.

Orchard97d ago

@Knush GT7 and Sport are not true sim racing games - neither are Forza Motorsport and Horizon.

Compare them against RF, Assetto, Project Cars etc and they’re very arcadey - quick mainstream games that a casual can pick up and play well without a ton of knowledge about cars or racing.

It did have some awful micro-transactions and annoying always online at launch - but that doesn’t make it any more or less of a sim racer.

sweendog97d ago

@ knushwood butt. GT isn't a SIM. If you can play it competitively with a controller, it isn't a SIM.

IRetrouk97d ago

Someone clearly doesn't play gt....

Orchard97d ago

@IRetro Someone clearly doesn’t play real racing sims.

Otherwise you’d know games like GT and Forza are way too arcade like to qualify as one.

If a casual can pick up a controller and win a race, and doesn’t require any reasonably knowledge about cars or racing - you’ve got yourself an arcade racer.

The reality is, you’d never see PD or T10 make a true sim racer because the largest market and money is where the casuals can play.

Just because you print “simulator” on the box doesn’t make it one.

IRetrouk96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

That's a lot of bollocks🤣
Only racing game in history to turn gamers into real racers, but its not a sim because you can use a controller and can change settings to make it easier?

You can use a controller for those pc sims, and change their settings to make em easier too🤣

Why are you trying to compare t10 to pd? Forza motorsport doesn't even simulate a full 900 degree steering wheel ffs, outta here with that bs🤣

I'd love to see you win anything in sport mode with no knowledge of racing or wouldn't happen, especially if using a controller.....

You clearly have no clue about the game, because if you did, you would not be making the claims you are, join one of our discord races, let's see how much a lack of knowledge on racing cars and racing rules really helps you....hint, it won't.

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deleted98d ago

Polyphony takes forever to deliver new installments on Playstation alone, so don't count on it for the next half a decade!

I really want to hear a GT7 confirmation for PSVR2... you know it's going to happen, but when? It doesn't sound like it'll be a launch game, but maybe it'll be a Holiday 2023 heavy hitter.

Orchard98d ago

They’d probably end up having Nixxes or one of their other PC porting studios port it tbh. Like you said, PD barely handles one platform in a timely manner.

GT7 on PSVR2 is 100% going to happen - it’s just a question of when.

SullysCigar98d ago

Same here. I don't care if it's coming to pc or not, just tell me when it's going to be on PSVR2. Polyphony definitely want it on there, so it's safe to assume it's coming.

I think you're spot on. If it's not a launch surprise, they'll use it to drive sales going into the 2023 holiday season. It's going to be amazing, you know that much!

Eonjay97d ago

I want to agree with you here but I think PSPlus required for online play in this on limits their business model. I have a hunch that Sony's upcoming multiplayer/GaaS titles may be free to play just to alleviate this burden.

Orchard97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Curious as to why though? The other online games they’ve launched on PC just use Steam Multiplayer and don’t require PS+ - why would they not just do the same for GT?

I do agree with you though that some of their future games will likely be F2P with microtransactions, possibly starting with TLOU MP.

IRetrouk98d ago

I thought they might have announced it on the 25th anniversary vid, seems like kaz really isn't all that interested in the idea.

TheColbertinator98d ago

Polyphony should bring it over. PC gamers are open to all racing/simulation games.

DarXyde98d ago

I'd be curious to see what mods come from it.

But also, I'm not sure how it would perform on PC (commercially). I feel like there's probably better alternatives available (I really don't know, that's my assumption).

Father__Merrin98d ago

I don't think there's a full feature list titles like gt7 on pc

ChubbyBlade97d ago

Of course you don’t father__Merrin. Making assumptions and bold claims without checking first is what you do when it comes to pc.

Had you actually done any homework you’d know PC has a huge racing sim market.

Si-Fly98d ago

As a sim racer I have zero interest in GT7 coming to PC, we simply don’t need it as there’s much better sims available already. That’s not to say they shouldn’t port it, the mainstream gamers are probably pretty excited about the prospect of it.

98d ago
ChubbyBlade97d ago

You’re on a Sony worshipping site. They actually believe GT7 is a sim. Let the fanboys jerk eachother off over an average game. Let them have this one.

andy8597d ago (Edited 97d ago )

@Chubbyblade Average game. 87 meta. Pick one.

mkis00798d ago (Edited 98d ago )

so like every generation up until ps4/ xb1? Seemed to be doing fine without pc.

InUrFoxHole97d ago

That's like saying your perfectly fine with never getting a raise at work because you don't have the $ already. Get real man. You think Sony wants to miss out on that $?

CobraKai97d ago

True. They are doing fine, but if you can make a little more money, wouldn’t you?

ChubbyBlade97d ago

I really hope you never own your own business.

mkis00797d ago

They were losing put on money...but retaining other money. The simplicity of ports nowadays makes it more obvious than back then.

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InUrFoxHole97d ago

Lol you got thumbs down. But you're 100% correct. 1 game isn't worth any system. The thing is ps5 has more than 1 game lol

ChubbyBlade97d ago

Already own one. Would rather play a racing game on Pc and use my wheel, shifter and pedals.

Si-Fly97d ago

The problem with a PlayStation is all the best sim racing hardware isn’t natively compatible with it.

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