Merry Christmas, Let’s Look At the Die Hard Games

Did the games make people want to say "Yippie ki yay?" Not exactly.

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Orchard276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

Die Hard Trilogy on the PS1 is the GOAT DH game.

It was also kinda crazy to think it had 3 entirely different types of game in it. Driving, third person shooter and a rail / light gun shooter.

Becuzisaid276d ago

Truly an incredible game, against all odds. DH1 got pretty reprove toward the end, but the other 2 we're short enough to keep the fun up.

Snookies12275d ago

Absolutely, the Die Hard Trilogy was a must-own title for PS1 back in the day! Had so much fun with it, and I wasn't even a really big Die Hard movie fan back then.

Eidolon275d ago

Was watching some gameplay, games look like a blast. Don't think you have to even have heard of Die Hard to enjoy them. I mean, what's being a fan going to help besides the initial purchase.. movie games hardly have much correlation to the source material, design choices are usually all over the place.

RetroCaptainSteve273d ago

It was a quintessential release. Which is why it boggles me how the sequel fell apart so quickly.

276d ago
Barry32171275d ago

I had the Scorpion light gun for this game. It was awesome. Loved all 3 back in the day.

HeliosHex275d ago

For me die hard trilogy was the best one. They should actually do another one in memory of Bruce Willis. Sad what happened to him.

AirRevenant275d ago

They skipped the old PC game where Caps Lock turned on God mode. We played that a ton.


Watch: Gameplay Of Canceled Die Hard 64 Game Surfaces Online

John McClane almost joined James Bond as an iconic FPS hero on the Nintendo 64 before the game was canceled. Watch early gameplay footage here.

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MilkMan2398d ago

Thank God this was cancelled. It looks like a hot mess.

Jimneous2398d ago

By today's standards at least.

AnotherProGamer2398d ago

actually looks good for a N64 game

syphon322398d ago

Nah, even by 64 standards...this is a hot mess

gangsta_red2398d ago

The Die Hard Trilogy for PS1 was an absolute blast!

boing12398d ago

I concur. It was amazing at that time.

TheOneYouHate2398d ago

Left handed character huh lol

Pekka2398d ago

Well, Bruce Willis is left handed so character is left handed.

TheOneYouHate2398d ago

Nice, I didn't know that fact lol thanks for the info.

2398d ago
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darthv722470d ago

It's clunky and dated but damn is it still fun as hell to play. The sequel on the DC is equally as fun but not as memorable as this game.