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James from WellPlayed writes: "An unsatisfying shooter brought even lower by an exhausting and all-encompassing script, High on Life can’t commit to its satire or ideas long enough to do anything of value."

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Jin_Sakai167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

I don’t think anyone really cares about these negative reviews.

“High on Life has passed Minecraft to become the #1 Most Popular Game on Game Pass”

“High on Life is Xbox Game Pass’ biggest launch of 2022, the biggest 3rd party Game Pass launch of all time, and the biggest release of a single player-only game in the service’s history.”

Orchard167d ago

Yep, this is one of the games where gamers views don’t match reviewers views.

The game is being very well received on Xbox and Steam.

Kyizen167d ago

Well a new game on Xbox os bound to be popular cause's new.

MadLad167d ago


Ah yes.
PlayStation puts out a couple exclusives, therefore every other game becomes non-existent and there's literally nothing to play on an Xbox.
I guess there were literally no videogames to play on Playstation the entire second half of 2021 by that logic lol.

Orchard167d ago

@Kyizen 99% of console games are available on Xbox.

The game is also popular on Steam. Steam has more games than PS and Xbox combined.

Sounds like downplaying to me.

LoveSpuds166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

I would be interested to see how many folks are actually playing it to completion before I commented on how well received the game is. It's easy to imagine lots of people downloading it to try it, I don't think that necessarily demonstrates a disconnect between consumers and reviewers. This score does seem very harsh though.

I am looking forward to trying it as I do really like Rick and Morty, just need to finish up a couple of games I have on the go before starting it. I am excited to play it as it should be a nice change from the games I have played recently.

Anomander166d ago

Just like any single player game I'll play. I'll play it for so long then move back to multiplayer for COD. I hate being taken away from MP games for long periods of time since it has my progession and effects my skills coming back.

Plus I'm totally ADHD on games. There is always something else to play and or try (the curse of owning PC, Xbox, Nitendo, and PS5. For me it's not about completing the games but having fun playing them.

Simundo165d ago

Current completion percentage for defeating the last boss is 14.69% on Xbox and 22% on Steam.

darkrider166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

You did and the usuals try downplay the review

Of course it's the most popular, what other game it's competing with that one that's new... Of course it the most played... But this say it all about the value of gp...

1% of games in year are the ones that make the diference.

Orchard166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

“ 1% of games in year are the ones that make the diference.”

Not really though:

Remove the other 99% and there’s no reason to buy a console.

Remove the 1% and you’ve still got tons of games for the year plus the GOTY.

Also, HoL is doing extremely well on Steam - a platform that has more games than PS and Xbox combined. Perhaps it’s just a fun game that GP helped give visibility to?

darkrider166d ago

@orchard you can spin whatever you want. Each year the amount of games worth getting is low.

I mean quality not like this one, that at best its average. And only 3 to 5% maybe even lower are amazing games. And yes goty games.

You understand that all the games running for goty means their quality is above, it's not only the one that wins...

So, what makes the diference are those few games that Nintendo and Sony launched every year. That top the charts. That are always on the news. And not forgetable indies...

Tons of games... Nope, not really, because if you were a gamer, you would understand that beside children, we don't have time to be wasting on average games... A great deal of gamers play one or two mp games and sp game....

You can see the charts, where there aren't tons of games...

Orchard165d ago (Edited 165d ago )


The most played games are available on all platforms anyway. Looking right now that list is COD, Madden, FIFA, Fortnite and Destiny 2.

There are plenty of PS and Xbox players who just don’t care about that 1% you listed and just care about COD and sports games.

Also, we already know two must get games of 2023, and likely GOTY candidates, Starfield and Forza will be on GamePass.

And again, GOTY 2022 is available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Einhander1971167d ago

I feel exactly the same way about Calisto protocol but most enjoyed seeing it battered. Personally I'm really loving it.

darkrider166d ago

Yeah, many of the same that attacked that game, now are praising this indie game.... But we know why

PhillyDillyDee167d ago

I just imagine people with my grandmothers sensibilities writing these crazy low scoring reviews. Anyone playing this knows exactly what to expect. Anyone reviewing the game this poorly either had their expectations way out of sync or just has an axe to grind against Roiland and co.

sagapo167d ago

Just started playing and I like it so far, but I can understand why others don’t.

Duke19167d ago

“Relentlessly unfunny”… lol

The author brought up some very valid criticisms for the game, but ultimately statements like this just sound like he got completely triggered by Roiland’s humor

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