Celebrating 25 Years of Gran Turismo

Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi shares a personal message to celebrate this momentous milestone.

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darkrider90d ago

Keep up the good work and bring more free updates. More cars and circuits!

Knushwood Butt90d ago

And PSVR2 support.

I recently got back into this and am really enjoying it. Working mainly on Circuit Experience to save up enough cash for the Porsche 917K. Should be there after another five or six sessions.

darkrider90d ago

Damn, that should be very cool

CobraKai90d ago

I remember my mind being blown at the reflective cars for the PS1.

HeliosHex90d ago

Wow 25 yrs just like that. Feels like only yesterday I was amazed by the first one.

darthv7289d ago

90 million units sold for the series... pretty damn impressive.