Overwatch 2 Comp Rank Decay Appeals to Casuals at the Expense of Hardcore Fans

Game Rant Writes "Fans are starting to notice the impacts of rank decay in Overwatch 2's competitive mode, which appears to benefit casuals over hardcore players."

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Lifexline93d ago

It’s a stupid article it’s like they don’t even play overwatch 2. The ranking system is broken yes the rank decay sucks. But it does not make it better for casuals if anything it drives them away to quick play mode.

When you are new and you are getting paired up with master level people how is that good for casuals to get beaten badly. It drives them away that’s the problem of overwatch right now as well as character unbalances. I love this game so much it’s my most played game but it has several things it needs to fix.

blackblades92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

As some one that put in 884hr in over this year with both 1 and 2 combined. I agree on everything you said. The new system is in the middle ground I actually grown in to it. Some people in OW1 could easily be in the high rank while sucking and piggy backing on others. Having comp be around the player stats is a pro and con. Some times you get bad stat because of the other players but overall comp is best played with a group you not random. I use to be at diamond back in the day now I hovering in platinum up and down or same spot which is good i guess around a food spot of players. Not down in the abyss with dps moriaa all the time.