Atari 50 on the Atari VCS, Second Look.

Well, it's time to take another look at this awesome game. It's way to big and detailed to do a deep dive right now, but we are going to be doing it in First Look chunks, hence the Second Look.

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Einhander1971545d ago

Great video, absolutely love Atari !!!


Top Games You Should Get During During Spike Chunsoft’s Mid-Year Deal

Angelus Victor said: Publisher Spike Chunsoft, Inc. has just announced that from June 19 to July 3, 2024, they will be holding a Mid-Year Deals Sale on the PlayStation Store. Some of their hit games can be obtained with huge discounts, so we’ve lined up five games you should definitely get in this limited-time sale.

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Zenless Zone Zero's team says "you can only produce something that players like if you like it too"

Pocket Tactics sat down with Zenless Zone Zero's lead producer, Zenhyu Li, at the Hoyoverse offices to discuss Street Fighter, player feedback, new characters, and more.

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The Epic Games Store Has Two More Freebies Waiting for You

The Epic Games Store continues to throw free games at us, and this week there are two more.

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