Would Pokémon Games Ever Be The Same Without Pikachu?

Pikachu's role as the deuteragonist of the Pokémon anime is finally coming to an end, raising the question of what could happen if the games followed.

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Inverno90d ago

Pikachu has only ever been on the cover of 4 games. 2 where it's been the main starter, and in one of those it shares that role with Eevee. And 2 spinoffs, one of which was an N64 game. Pikachu is basically the face of Pokemon as a whole, but never the main selling point of the games so there wouldn't be any difference to how it is now.

got_dam90d ago

For me, yeah. I never cared much about Pikachu. I played the hell out of Blue, but never watched the anime so I didn't much care about Pikachu.

OneLove89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Lmfao it's cute and iconic but I don't think anyone ever uses it on their team. With so much better options at that.

Knightofelemia89d ago

Pikachu might be the Mickey Mouse to Pokemon I used Pikachu a few times I always go with other electric types.